Minister-in-Training Speaker Request

Please use this form to request a minister-in training speaker.

If you are needing a teacher for one to six months or you would like to request an experienced speaker for a specific week, please use the Pulpit Supply Request.

In order to assist churches and pastors in Iowa, several ministers-in-training are available to fill pulpits across the state. Please use the following form to begin the process of requesting a fill-in teacher/preacher for your worship service. Please submit requests at least 3 weeks in advance in order to give us time to find a teacher and help them prepare.

You will be connected with a teacher after submission of this form (within 2 business days) so you can work out final details together. We request that you pay $0.14 per mile and an honorarium directly to the teacher/preacher.

All speakers will be students or graduates of the Cornerstone School of Theology. For more information on the school, you can visit