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2017 Baykeeper Bay Parade Feedback
Please take a few minutes to share with us about your experience. Your feedback is essential to improving the event each year and growing our impact in protecting San Francisco Bay from pollution. Thank you!
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How did you participate in the Bay Parade? *
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How was your experience with online registration? *
Did you find the participant instructions to be clear and helpful? Please explain. Do you have suggestions for how we can improve our communication with participants in the days and weeks leading up to the event? *
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How was your day-of experience with check in, during the event, and finish? *
Please share with us what went well and/or what could be improved about day-of experience with check in, during the event, and/or finish *
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Did you fundraise as part of your participation in the Bay Parade? *
Please tell us about your experience fundraising in support of a clean and healthy San Francisco Bay. Please share what went well and/or what could be improved about the fundraising experience next year.
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Did you attend the Bay Parade Party at The Yard? *
If you attended, please tell us about your experience at the Bay Parade Party—what worked well and what could be improved?
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How familiar were you with San Francisco Baykeeper before the Bay Parade? *
As a Bay Parade participant, did you learn more about San Francisco Baykeeper's work to protect the Bay? *
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How many times have you participated in the Bay Parade (including this year)? *
Do you plan to participate in the Bay Parade next year? *
Please share anything else you'd like us to know about your experience with the 2017 Bay Parade:
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Are you interested in helping out with the 2018 Bay Parade?
e.g. community outreach, connecting us with press or sponsor projects, volunteering with event preparations, etc.
If you answered yes above, please provide your name and email, and a Baykeeper staff person will follow up with you
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