BHS Career & Academic Planning (CAP)
Parents, please give us your feedback to help us improve our CAP program.
The goal of CAP is to develop a partnership among students, parents, and teacher mentors to improve the process of advising students in selecting courses to meet their career and academic goals. Overall, how effective do you believe our CAP program was last year? *
To inform students of course offerings, I think the best approach is to *
As a parent, what is your level of understanding of the following? *
Extremely Knowledgeable
Moderately Knowledgeable
Slightly Knowledgeable
Not At All Knowledgeable
Graduation Requirements (Smart Core, Core, Honor Grad)
Concurrent Credit Courses
UACCB Technical Courses (CNA, EMT, Welding)
Pre-Apprenticeship Training
Teacher Cadet
Career & Technical (CTE) Courses [Agri, Business, Family & Consumer Sciences]
JAG and JAG Job
Virtual AR Courses: What courses are offered
Virtual AR Courses: How digital learning works
Virtual AR Courses: Determining if digital courses are a good fit for my child
My Child's Transcript
My Child's GPA
Helping Students Select Courses to Meet their Future Goals
What order (sequence) to take classes in a particular subject area
Online Course Catalog
How important do you think each of these elements of CAP is to students and parents? *
Extremely Important
Moderately Important
Slightly Important
Not At All Important
Reviewing graduation requirements with students
Informing students about program/course options
Reviewing transcripts to ensure students are on track to graduate
Having one-on-one conversations to determine students' future goals
Helping students select courses
Having a CAP conference with parents
Scheduling appointment times to meet with parents on PT Conf. night
Having BHS faculty advise 9th graders
Overall, how effective do you think CAP addressed each of these elements: *
Extremely Effective
Moderately Effective
Slightly Effective
Not At All Effective
Improving Communication with Parents
Informing students/parents about programs and courses
Discovering students' future goals
Checking Transcripts to see students are on track to graduate
Helping students select courses that meet their future goals
Determining if students have met required prerequisites for courses
Determining if students are eligible for concurrent credit courses
Registering Students for concurrent credit courses
Determining if digital learning courses are appropriate for a particular student
Addressing Schedule Revisions in fair and timely manner
CAP Conference during Spring P/T Conferences
Introducing 9th graders to their BHS Mentor
Helping 9th graders select courses
Advising Seniors: College and Financial Aid
Advising Seniors: Transitioning to College
Advising Seniors: Technical Trade Opportunities
What suggestions do you have for improving CAP for 9-11th graders?
Your answer
What suggestions do you have for improving CAP for 12th graders?
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