Barrow BOLD Parent Challenge
1. I have downloaded or will download and use the Barrow County School System app to stay informed about the system and my child's school.
2. I have accessed or will access the Infinite Campus Parent Portal on the Internet or my phone to stay informed about my child's academic progress.
3. I have communicated or will communicate regularly with teachers to ensure my child is academically successful.
4. I have provided or will provide assistance at home to ensure my child is academically successful.
5. I have helped or will help my child get and stay organized to ensure academic success.
6. I have attended or will attend school events to stay connected with my child's school.
7. I have provided or will provide a rich learning environment for my child at home.
8. I have been or will get involved with decision making at the system level and/or at my child's school.
9. I have encouraged or will encourage my child to participate in extra-curricular activities.
10. I have supported or will support the Barrow County School System.
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