First Year Leadership Programs

Leadership Development is proud to sponsor programs for first year students designed to enhance their leadership skills. They are the Emerging Leaders Program and Barnard Events Board. Both will be accepting applications during the summer. For more details regarding any of these programs, please visit . Emerging Leaders Program (ELP): This year-long program assists first-year students in developing key leadership skills through weekly workshops and seminar. In January, students enrolled in this program participate in a week-long Leadership Institute on public policy in New York City. Barnard Events Board (BEB): Composed of first-years, the First-Year Programming Committee is responsible for programming major events such as Trivia Bowl and Acapalooza. Each of the events is run by an executive board comprised of First-Year students who are interested in learning about event planning. The following form will be used to apply for one or both of the programs. Applicants will only be selected for ONE program. You will have the opportunity to rank your selections and subsequently to decline an invitation to participate in any program that you have been chosen for. We thank you for your interest and look forward to reading your applications! Hayden M. Greene Director, Leadership Development Student Life 212-854-7395
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