Barnard Student Life Co-Sponsorship Application
Thank you for your interest in the Student Life Co-Sponsorship Fund! Each semester Barnard Student Life sets aside a portion of financial resources to assist student organizations who wish to sponsor events and programs that fall outside of their budget allocation. To receive consideration, the application must meet the following requirements:

*Student club/organization must be recognized and in good standing with its governing board.
*Program, event, or activity should be open to Barnard students and focus on community building.
*Strong preference will be given to applications which highlight collaborative efforts and/or new initiatives.
*Strong applications will have applied to multiple funding sources.
*Co-sponsorship application must be received at least two weeks in advance of the event.
*Please note that for events on the Columbia campus, Student Life co-sponsorship funds may NOT be used for: Tech Fees, Security Fees, or Facility Fees.

Student Club/Organization Name *
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Application Contact Person *
Who can we notify regarding the status of this co-sponsorship? Please submit a first name, last name, and their Barnard/Columbia email address.
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Let's start with the program logistics!
Name of Event *
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Date of Event *
What time does your event start? *
Event Location? *
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If this is a campus event, has the location been confirmed by Barnard Events Management or University Events Management? *
Is this a one time or annual event? *
Is this a new initiative or event? *
Has this event been approved by your advisor? *
Who is your advisor? *
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Is there an admission cost? *
If yes, enter dollar amount. If no, enter 0.
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In the next section, we'd like you to provide more detailed information about the event and your budget breakdown. Strong applications will have applied to multiple funding sources and include the status of those requests.
In the space below, please provide a description of your event or activity. Please share how this program contributes to Barnard and our student communities. *
(please limit your response to 300 words)
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In the space below, please provide a detailed budget breakdown for the event. *
You must outline how much your club is contributing from its own budget and highlight other associated costs like: advertising, food, vendors, performers/artists, supplies, printing, etc.
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How much support are you seeking from Student Life, and toward what purpose will funds be used? *
The amount requested should not exceed $500.
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If this is an annual event, did you request funds through your club allocation? What amount of funding did you receive from your governing board? *
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Have you applied to any additional funding sources? If so, what is the status of those requests? *
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Next Steps
Thanks for completing the Student Life Co-Sponsorship Application. Before you submit, please review your application to make sure you've included all of the required information. Here's what happens next:

Your co-sponsorship request will be reviewed by Barnard Student Life. You will be notified of the application status within 10 business days. If your request is granted, a staff member will connect with you to discuss how best to receive the funds.

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