Make Baylor University a Sanctuary Campus

6 February 2017


David Garland, Interim President
Greg Jones, Executive Vice President and Provost
Kevin P. Jackson, Vice President for Student Life
Jeffrey S. Hamilton, Vice Provost for Global Engagement



Dear President Garland, Provost Jones, Vice President Jackson, and Vice Provost Hamilton,

“Baylor University is a diverse community in many ways...and we seek to embrace that diversity by continuing to learn and to foster an environment and an ethos of hospitality, belonging, and inclusivity. We aspire to academic excellence by providing a transformational educational experience that embraces difference and promotes reconciliation and justice in the classroom as well as in all university spaces. In order to accomplish these goals and our mission, we continuously engage in processes of self-reflection and accountability so that we may move forward in compassion and humility and celebrate all of the accomplishments and perspectives of our students, faculty, and staff.” Baylor University Interim President, David Garland

“You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.” Exodus 22:21

“For he is our peace; in his flesh he has made both groups into one and has broken down the dividing wall, that is, the hostility between us.” Ephesians 2:13-14

WE, the undersigned members of the Baylor community, call on our administration to declare Baylor University a sanctuary campus. Baylor’s profession of the Christian faith commits it to the formation of a hospitable, just, and truth-telling community, especially for the sake of its most vulnerable members, in whom Christians discern the face of Christ (Matt. 25:31-46). These commitments face a direct challenge from the US President’s recent executive orders barring refugees, targeting travelers from Muslim-majority countries, and expanding the criminalization and deportation powers of US immigration agencies, as well as by his campaign promises to deport millions of migrants and terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

These executive actions are deeply troubling both in themselves and in light of the complex role that the United States has played in the migration of persons from Latin America and the Muslim-majority countries currently affected by the ban. Equally concerning is the occurrence of hate crimes and violence against immigrants, persons of Latin American and Middle Eastern origin, and other minority and marginalized persons across the nation and on our own campus. In light of these considerations, and in light of the scriptural mandate to welcome and not to oppress the sojourner among us (Deut. 10:18-19, Lev. 19:33-4), we call upon our leaders to honor their public commitments to “hospitality, belonging, and inclusivity... justice and reconciliation” by courageously resisting any order to scapegoat and further harm members of our community.

As faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community members of Baylor University, we therefore urge our administration to declare sanctuary at Baylor University, joining with Christian and other institutions across the nation in affirming that refugees, migrants, and international visitors are full and essential members of our community, whose dignity and well-being we must uphold. This pivotal moment can become a time of creative and critical witness for Baylor as a “Christian institution of higher learning.” We urge our leadership to accept this opportunity by taking the following steps toward making Baylor a sanctuary for all of its members:

1. Declare Baylor University to be a sanctuary campus that will refuse to comply with immigration investigations or deportations to the fullest extent possible, including denying access to university property.

2. Condemn the recent executive orders on immigration, with their maligning of “removable aliens” and their targeting of Muslim populations, as incompatible with Baylor's Christian commitments. Publicly assert Baylor’s Christian embrace of refugees, migrants, and religious and racial/ethnic minorities.

3. Guarantee privacy by prohibiting the collection or release of information regarding the immigration status of Baylor students, scholars, and community members by or to any enforcement agency.

4. Create an office for non-citizen students to coordinate and strengthen on-campus services, including access to free legal counsel. Increase financial aid for undocumented students and allocate funds to assist with the financial and legal repercussions of immigration policy changes.

5. Take a leading advocacy role among Christian universities and partner in initiatives with other institutions to defend the dignity and rights of non-citizens. Advocate publicly for the maintenance of DACA. Create a scholarship program for displaced students, giving special preference to the following countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

6. Publicly communicate a position of zero tolerance on aggressions relating to immigration status and identify particular spaces on campus where those who feel threatened can seek refuge.

7. Commit to meeting with representatives of student groups, faculty, and staff to collaboratively plan the implementation of sanctuary initiatives that will enable Baylor to fulfill its Christian commitments to hospitality, justice and reconciliation, and truth.

Awaiting your response,


Graduate Theological Fellowship (GTF), Baylor University
Reverend Nicholas Krause, doctoral student, Baylor Department of Religion (co-author)
Laura M Lysen, doctoral student, Baylor Department of Religion (co-author)
Tyler Davis, doctoral student, Baylor Department of Religion (co-author)
Thomas Breedlove, doctoral student, Baylor Department of Religion (co-author)
Lois Johnson, doctoral student, 2018 (co-author)
Tom Millay, doctoral student Baylor Department of Religion (co-author)
Mikeal C. Parsons, Department of Religion, Baylor University
Natalie Carnes, Assistant Professor of Theology, Department of Religion
Ryan S. King, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Biology
Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Department of Religion, Baylor University
Brian Raines, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Baylor University
Rosario Colchero-Dorado, Lecturer of Spanish, Department of MLC
Lance Littlejohn, Professor, Mathematics
Robert Miner, Professor of Philosophy in the Great Texts Program, Baylor University
Jerrie Callan, Retired, English Dept. 1978-2016
Noah Ward, sophomore, Co-President of Better Together BU
Natalie Webb, PhD Candidate, Baylor, and Pastor of Covenant Baptist Church
Micah Furlong, Junior, Administrative Director of Bears Care Refugee Aid Society
Katarina von Kühn, Senior, Student of Religion
Ms. Julia Adams, Baylor Alumni, Paralegal
Melissa Montgomery, Senior, Honors Student Advisory Council President
Rachel Toombs, PhD Candidate, Baylor Department of Religion
Blake Burleson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Religion
Doug Weaver, Department of Religion, Baylor University
J. Lenore Wright, BIC & Philosophy, Baylor University
Ilse Vielma, Junior, Baylor CL&L
Mark Toliver, Senior, Baylor University Political Science
Alexander J. Vanhee Junior
Brandon L Morgan, PhD Candidate, Baylor University
Elizabeth Collins, Sophomore, student of Professional Writing and Film/Digital Media
Tanner Hood, Junior, Undergraduate Research & Scholarly Achievement Representative
Keith Sena, senior Religion major in the Baylor Honors Program
Bridget Park, Sophomore, Business Fellow
Reverend Emily Davis, Baylor Alum '12
Toby Towsley, Junior student of Biochemistry, Baylor University
Kelsey Rood, undergraduate University Scholar
Amanda McGrory-Dixon, Baylor Alumna '06, History and Journalism
Elise M. Edwards, Lecturer, Department of Religion
Reginald Singletary, NAACP President
Kyndall Rothaus, Pastor, Truett Alum '11
Holly Howard
Christina Nguyen, Baylor Alum '16
Ty Harper, Freshman, Pre-Nursing
Kyle Desrosiers, Freshman, University Scholar
Aaron Murillo-Ruiz
Jeremy Wallace, Baylor Alumni '16, School of Music
Wafa Demashkiah
Austin Ng
Dylan Pflum, Freshman, BIC and Honors
Hope Mustakim, Waco Immigration Alliance
Alexandra Masucci, Sophomore, Political Science
Sarah Hamill, Sophomore, Psychology
Carson Kent, freshman
Vanessa Baum, Baylor Alum '15
Jennifer Good, Associate professor German, Department of Modern Languages & Cultures
Ian Hancock
Jennifer Crow, Senior, Baylor University
Courtney Kurinec, PhD student, Baylor Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Rachel Renbarger, PhD student, Educational Psychology
Rev. Kevin Georgas, Great Texts '10
Surabhi Todi, junior, student
Ashley N. Graves, Alumni
Keele Halbert, Junior, Theatre Design
Grecia Chavira, Baylor University BBA
Samuel C. Still, Junior, Great Texts Major, Church Music Minor, Baylor University
Rev. Dave Anfenson, M.Div. '13
Adam Maners, Junior, Biology
Elizabeth Schoenherr, sophomore, Journalism major
Dana White Telep, Class of 2003
JeanEva D. Alvarez, Baylor Alum '16
Craig Nash. M.Div., 2012
Mary Josette Halozan, senior, Professional Writing
Iman Dawson, Freshman Health Science Studies, Baylor University
Helena Hunt, Baylor Alumni '16, BA University Scholars
Fritz Gesztesy, Professor, Mathematics
Andrew Wixson, Junior, Baylor Student Court Associate Justice
Jessica Bost, student
Scott Bray, JD Candidate '18, Baylor Law School
Bradley C. Bolen, Senior Lecturer, School of Music
Fernando Arroyo, Educator, BS Biology 2000
Kimberly Stuebben, MDiv Candidate, Truett Seminary
Ashleigh Bailey, part-time grad student- Higher Ed & Student Affairs
Laura Mahler, Baylor Alum '16
Lizzie Davis, BA religion, '13, M.Div/MSW Candidate, '17
Naedean Herrera, BSW '14 Garland School of Social Work Field Supervisor
Sam Davidson, Masters of Divinity Student, Truett Seminary
Kalee Garza, Christian
Hogan Herritage, Senior, University Scholars
Shelby Rivers, PhD student, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
John Hewitt, M.Div. '17
Marygayle Martin, Baylor Alumni '16, BS Biochemistry
Patrick Danley, Ph.D. Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Biology
Dalilah Negrete, Junior, Bears Care Refugee Aid Society
Omar Mosqueda, Senior, IJM President and Pre Law Society President
Rob Yoho, MFA, Baylor Alum '15
Val Fisk, M.Div. student, President - Truett Seminary Women in Ministry
Caitlyn Conway, Sophomore
Robert E. Wallace, '06 Baylor PhD
Bhargavi Karumuri Alum '16 BS Biology
Amber Harris, MSW Candidate, Garland School of Social Work
Allie Noyd, Baylor Alum 2014
Kaitlyn Holyfield, Senior, History
Mónica Armas Neira, international student, Baylor '17
Bethany Rivera Molinar, Alum, MSW, 2011; MDiv, 2012
Jaja Chen, LMSW, Baylor Alum '16
Allison Adams, Sophomore, BFA Theatre Performance
Youjin Na, Baylor Alumni '18, BS Biology, Medical Humanities minor, BIC
Joshua Mack, Sophomore, Communications Science and Disorders
Sarah Ellzey, MDiv/MSW 2019
Erin Casey, Graduate student, Curriculum and Instruction
Lama Zakzok
Paul Martens, Department of Religion, Baylor University
Mackenzie Flaig, sophomore student
Jared DeVries, BIC, Political Science '18
Kristin Mercer
Kevin Scott, PhD candidate, Baylor Department of Religion
Ryan Harker, PhD Student
Ashleigh Haddock, Freshman, Biology
Andrew Clark, BA '13, M. Div. '17
Ana Martinez, Junior, Social Work
Igor Stepczynski, Freshman, Student
Katherine Miller, Sophomore, Community Leader, Social
Kailey Carpenter, Baylor '12 Alum, BA Religion & International Studies
Elizabeth Stewart, Class of 2013
Anya Maltsberger, senior, Dept of Language and Linguistics
Lawson Sadler, Freshman, University Scholar
Lindsey Nishimiya, Junior, School of Social Work
Stephanie Drum
Shannon Carl, M.S.Ed., 2001
Joshua Smith, PhD Student, Baylor Department of Religion
Ulyssa Rios, Biochemistry Student, Baylor University
Nathan Agnew, Methodist Preacher
Zach Vandelay, B.A. sociology, Class of '19
Madyson Russell, Senior Nonprofit Marketing Student
Daniel Alvarado, Baylor Alumni '16
Madeleine Sullivan, Baylor Alumni '16, BA University Scholars
Irieri Herndon, Ed.S candidate, School Psychology
Jathan Young, student
Hannah Byrd, Junior, International Studies and Arabic and Middle East Studies
Jordan Nelon, MPH, 2014/16
Iram Holguin, B.S. Neuroscience, Class of '19
Santi Alamo
Hunter Solano, Business Student, Baylor University
Alex Holznienkemper, Lecturer of German, Department of MLC
Ellen Hampton Filgo, MSLS, Baylor Libraries
Suzanne Nolan
James M. Cochran, PhD Student, Baylor English Department
Victoria Malone, Psychology, Baylor University
Chase Hoover, B.B.A. Supply chain management and Management information systems, Class of '18
Jonny Berry, Sophmore
Garrett Lyons, Mechanical Engineering '17
Morgan McReynolds, PhD student, Baylor Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Cacey Vigil, Journalism-Public Relations, Class of '19
Kaitlyn MacNair, Sophomore, Medical Humanities
Jessica Thacker, alumni 2002
Cecilia Munoz Ducoing, B.S. '14
Rev. Philip E. Shepherd, Masters of Dvinity '03, author, graduate/post-graduate lecturer, and professional speaker.
Garrett Shuffield, Graduate Student at the University of Texas at Austin, BA Baylor 2014
Heather Nessler, Truett Seminary
Paige Breese, BFA Theatre Performance '17
Gordon Palmer Baylor Alum '11 Religion & International Studies
Dorian Garcia, B.A. Psychology '18
Michaela Williams
Hugh Mair, University Scholars, Class of 2020
Tara Peterson
Aaliyah Olvera, Spanish Education c/0 2020
Mikayla York, Social Work (BSW), '17
David Stamile, M.A. '13, M.Div.' 17
Dr. Jason Edwards, Senior Pastor of Second Baptist Church in Liberty, MO. Truett Seminary (M. Div), class of 2003.
Mikayla York, Senior, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, '17
Malcolm Foley, PhD Student, Baylor Department of Religion
George Suhm Baylor MSW 2016
Tylor Standley, MDiv 2017
William Briggs, PhD Candidate, Department of Religion
Bradley Varnell, Baylor Alum '16 (Religion and Philosophy)
Tim Campbell, Senior, University Scholar
Rev. Brandon Frick, PhD (Class of '14)
Isa Torres, International Student from Mexico, MDiv 2015
Hannah Neitzey, B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders 2015, MDiv student Duke Divinity 2019
Leigh Curl, Duke Divinity MDiv '19, Baylor BA in Religion '16
Meagan Pike, BSED '14, MSED '15
Patrick Neitzey, B.A. Religion, M DivDuke Divinity 2018
David Cramer, PhD 2016, Baylor Department of Religion
Alexandra Villagran, BIC, Neuroscience, Class of '17
Diamante Maya LMSW alumni
Armand Chavez, Sophomore, Finance
Chaplain Christy J. Wood, MDiv 2005
Christian Gutierrez, B.S. Economics, College of Arts and Sciences
Makenzie Fitzgerald, B.A. University Scholars, Baylor Class of 2016
Jennifer Garrett, Social Work, 2017
Kaity Briscoe, Fine Arts
Todd W. Ferguson, PhD (Class of 2004, 2013, 2016), Department of Sociology
R. Robert Creech, Ph.D. ('84), Professor G. W. Truett Theological Seminary
Brynn Kizer, BSW Student, Class of 2017
Emily Hunt, Ph.D candidate, Department of Sociology
Harrison Young, Film and Digital Media, class of 2019
Rev. Amanda Brobst-Renaud, PhD Candidate, Department of Religion
Victoria Lopez, B.A. History, Class of 2014
Juliana Flores, Freshman, Health Science Studies
Joy Martinez, B.A. Religion Class of 2015, MDiv student at Truett Seminary
Pedro Reyes, Music Education, Junior
Raquel Salinas, LCSW, Baylor Alumni
Rachel Clark, Ph.D, Lecturer, Psychology and Neuroscience
Evan Edwards, B.A. Religion, M DivDuke Divinity 2019
Matthew Moreno, Baylor Alumni '16, B.S. Biology '
Peter Mungiguerra, Junior University Scholar, Baylor University
Andrew Kronser, Computer Science `18
Genevieve Godfrey, PhD Student, Baylor Department of Biology
Connor Kelley, Freshman, Pre-Medical Pre-Biology
Megan Boyd , Psychology Major, 2019
Eric Martin, Assistant Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, Baylor Great Texts Program
Curtis Johnson, Psychology, Class of 2017
Berenice Andaluz Ruiz, B.B.A Baylor Business Fellows, Class of 2015
T. Braxton Ray, Religion alumnus '16
Sydney Green, B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders '16
Lynne Hinojosa, Assoc. Prof of Literature, Honors College
Jasmine Adams, Junior, International Relations and Arabic and Middle East studies
Lori Owens, B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders, Baylor Class of 2016
Susana Diaz, B.S Biology, Class of 2018
Victoria King, Baylor '16, MSW Candidate at Garland School of Social Work and MBA Candidate at Hankamer School of Business
Aleigh Ascherl, MTS Truett Seminary '13
Brett Greenfield, BSW '13, MSW '14, MDiv '17
Keighley Reisenauer, Grad Student, Biology
David Kang, Ph.D., Baylor 2015
Jessica Hinshaw MPH, Baylor anthropology 2014
Caroline Grace, Class of 2018, B. A. Medical Humanities, BIC, Honors
Kaitlin Murtha, Biology Department
Karla Bautista, B.S. Biology, Class of 2018
Jessica Hinshaw MPH Vanderbilt University, Baylor Anthropology BA 2014
Sabrina Fountain, MA Student, Department of English
Halle E. Ross, B.A. 2013, M.S. 2015, Psy.D. candidate
Patara Williams BA Sociology 2014
Danielle Crain, PhD student, Baylor University
Lauren Sides, University Scholar & BIC, Class of 2019
Jordan Potarf, physics and mathematics student, research assistant for BaylorHEP
Rod Hetzel, PhD, Part-Time Instructor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Baylor University
Lucinda Yang, PhD Student Religion
Leah Walsh, Anthropology and Forensic Science, class of 2018
Sonia Shah, BSW student, class of 2017
Blake Stroncek, Senior, Baylor Quidditch president, BS Economics
Jordan Strack, B.S neuroscience, class of 2018
Lindsay Swaim, MDiv, LMSW Grad alumi 2014
Abby Veach Baylor Class of 2016 (Journalism-Public Relations)
Daniel Benyousky, Ph.D. Candidate, Baylor English Department
Autumn Jade Morales, Nursing Major, Junior
May Kearney, International Studies Major-Intensive, Business Admin Minor, BIC Junior Undergrad
Jordan Soupiset, B.A. Medical Humanities, Junior
Roxann Lewallen, RN, Christ follower, Baylor University 1977-1979
Shane Soudek, sophomore pre business major
Rory Jones, M.Div Student at Truett Seminary
Nicole Rohrer Lumley, Alumni 2014, BSW
Jaymie Smith
Joseph Bennett, Senior Church Music, Class of 2017
Richa Sirohi
Cathy Capers
Nathaniel Rogers, B.A. Economics '13
Trey Lumley, B.A. in Business - Marketing & Management '15
Kaitlyn Breedlove
Sarah Miller, Masters Candidate & Alumni '15
Marcus Hollingsworth, Junior, Church Music
Lindsey McLemore, B.A. Journalism, Class of 2017, Center for Global Engagement Ambassador
Paul Gutacker, PhD candidate, Baylor History Department,
Maggie Malone, Journalism, Class of 2017
Luke Mitchell, Ph.D. candidate, English
Brittany Ripperger, B.S Neuroscience, Baylor Alumni '16
Anastacia Pirrello, Alum '16
Courtney Salinas, PhD Candidate and Teacher of Record, Baylor Department of English,
Samantha Damewood, BSI '17, President of Teal Residential College Council
Sørina Higgins, PhD Candidate, English Department
Elayne Allen, BA Politics, Class of 2017
Elizabeth Drews, Biology, Class of 2019
Austin Weynand, Junior Student of Chemistry and Chair of Students Improving Global Health Together, Baylor
Sasha Asthana, VP of Administration of Medically Service Organization, Junior, Health Science Studies
Elizabeth Travers, PhD Student, Baylor Department of English
Ankan Choudhury, Graduate Student, Biology
Blake Olvera, Educator, Class of 2015
Chris Miller B.A Psychology 2016
Carolyn Robbins, BA Philosophy and Sociology '18, Honkrs Program, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core
Astrid Escamilla B.S Biology '19
Katie Méndez, BIC, International Studies, class of 2017
Coretta M Pittman, English Department
Hadee Zabad, Baylor freshman
Kendall Curtis, officer in Pre-Law Society and Civitas, University Scholar
Amanda Braddock, Freshman, Biology
Christopher Rose, Department of English
S'vani Herrera, B.S. psychology, 2016
Caitlin Fuller, University Scholar Class of 2020
Jeff Cross, Baylor Alumnus, B.A. University Scholars '14
Cody Creel, MDiv Candidate, Truett Seminary
Kylie Smith, University Scholar Class of '20
Angelica Wade, Drury University '19, sociology
Spencer Stratman, Corporate Communication, 2017
Kimberly Hubbard, BS Anthropology '15, UTHSA MD Candidate 2020
Ana Duque, BS Biology 2019
Mollie Ripple, Senior, Psychology Student, Class of 2018
Sierra Buske, B.A. Psychology, Class of 2013
Harper Neitzey, Journalism-public relations, class of 2019
Lauren Hornbeak, Secondary Education - Life Sciences, Class of '19
Meg Wallace, MSW student, class of 2018
Cassie Wilson
Caleb Yowell, B.A. History, '14
Pooja Sairam, Baylor Alumni '16, B.S. Neuroscience
Audrey Hamlin, Special Education, Class of 2018
Lily Covey, International Studies, Spanish minor, BIC, Baylor Class of 2019
Allie Gonzales, Marketing '19
Rachael Madden, MDiv Candidate, Truett Seminary
Jacqueline Hupp, senior, BSEd
Samuel Moore, Sophomore, Great Texts, Campus Living & Learning- Community Leader
Courtney McFarland, Pre-business, class of 2019
Rohan Ramnath
Ada Ughanze, Sophomore
Paulina Agyei, Sophomore, BIC BA Sociology
Baylee VerSteeg, '18, Baylor Phoenix Literary Magazine
Kristina Mentakis, BBA Marketing 2016
Lindsey Stange, Nursing, Baylor Class of 2019
Farrah Dawood, Speech Language Pathology, class of 2018
Jacob Hoepner, B.B.A. MIS, '17
Sorsha Huff, J.D. Candidate for 2018
Jordan Hernandez
Robert Marshall, BA Great Texts, 2012
Owen O'Neill, Sophomore, Biology Pre-Med
Anays Lopez, Louise Herrington School of Nursing '19
Regina Anderson, BS FCS '18
Nicole Bouchard, Ph.D Candidate, Baylor Department of English
Nathan Levingston, Anthropology, BIC, Class of 2019
Kristy Do, Ent/Mgt, Class of '17
Luke Willson, BS '16
William Priest, BA Classics, Class of 2011
Joel Ndiforyen Biochemistry premed, class of 2017
Meagan Stewart, B. A. International Studies '13
Hayden Burch, BFA Graphic Design, Baylor University '17
Anitria Flores, MACM Candidate, Truett Seminary
Sebastian Castro, BIC student and mentor, Political Science 2019
Katelyn Martin, B.A. Medical Humanities, Baylor Class of 2015
Abby Webb, Garland School of Social Work, BU '17
Molly Hammontree, Neuroscience '17
Miriah Chapman
Damian Lassetter, BFA Theatre Perfomance, '20
DaiQuori Blanche BA psychology Class of 2016
Meredith Hopkins, Psychology, '18
Josh Arellano, Religion & International Studies, Class of 2018
Taylor Coley, B.A. Psychology, Class of 2018
Daniel White, B.S. Biology, '16
Chandler Gobin, B. A in Sociology, MSW Candidate '18
Krystal Pothier Morrell, M.Div. Candidate, Truett Seminary
Dayra Garza B.A in Modern Languages and Cultures - Spanish 2017
DeQuawn Johnson, B.S. Biology, '17
Katy Flinn, MS Ed. '16
Brendan Camp, Master's of Public Health Candidate
Kathryn Rader, BA Film and Digital Media 2014
Andrew Alonzo, Pre-Nursing '20
Feven Iyassu, BS Biochemistry Class 2019
David Rendon, B.A Psychology '16
Sirina Thompson, Health Science, BU '18
Andrés Cruz, BA International Studies & French, BU 2019
Alexandria Martinez, Senior biology major, pre med concentration, Baylor March of Dimes, Multicultural Association of Prehealth Students, '17
Caitlin Greig, FDM alumna, Class of 2010
Zach Williams, Religion '17
Tanner Schnitz, Masters of Accountancy '18
Arnulfo Garza, MDiv.'16 Res. Chaplain
Rebecca Gerardo, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Class of 2016
Stephen Calcote, Professional Selling Major, Church Music Minor, Class of 2019
Freddie Moore, B.A. Political Science pre-law w/management minor, BU 2019
Alissa Klusky BFA Theatre Performance 2020
Timothy Lang, BBA '18
Connie Tran, B.S Chemistry, Class of 2017
Logan Willson, Sophomore, Communications Specialist
Ashley Marino, BA University Scholar, Class of 2016
Megan Atchley, BA Political Science '12
Becky Stevenson, B.A. Medical Humanities '16, Notre Dame Law '19
Aylwyn Corpus, BS Biology '16
Meredith Smith, Senior, Psychology '17
Lily Espinosa, B.A. Psychology, '12
Rebecca Fisher, BU '18
Lizzie Roberts, B.A. Anthropology, '18
Christian Beane, BS Biology, '20
Samantha Fetterman, Speech Language Pathology, Class of 2020
Michael Pieri, Waco Resident
Charlotte Weston, Chief Justice of the Student Court
Vivian Diep, Baylor Alum '16, TAMHSC M.D. Candidate '20
Avery Perkins, B.A. Marketing and Public Relations, BU 2020
Omar Demachkie
Jonathan Gray, ME '17, Treasurer - Pi Tau Sigma, Robotics Director - Society of Women Engineers
Gina DeCoud, B.S. Psychology 2015
Austin Tiffany, BA Religion '14
Dwight D. Allman, Associate Professor, Baylor Department of Political Science
Zachary Schutze, Business Fellow, '19
Barry Harvey, Professor of Theology, Baylor University
Benny Fountain, Assistant Professor of Art, Dep of Art
T J Geiger II, Assistant Professor of English
Christopher Williamson, M.Div., Truett Seminary 2018
David Whitford, Professor, Department of Religion
Jim Covey Jr.
Carter Rodman, Class of 2015
Marilyn Kerkhove, Teacher
Mary Shoemaker, 2018 MSW candidate
James Davidson, PhD candidate, Sociology
Rosemond Lorona, PhD Student
Sarah Westbrook, B.A. Professional Writing, 2017
Adam Tilson, M.Div Truett Seminary
Sara Cooley, MDiv/MSW Candidate, '17
Jordan Sakakeeny, graduate student, Class of 2015
Ben Rawlins, PhD Candidate, Baylor English Department
Miles Johnson, B.A. Religion '15
Carolina Rodriguez freshman political science class of 2020
Gabrielle Miller, PhD. MLC, Baylor University
Elliott Jost, Mechanical Engineering '18, Research Assistant, Chair of Baylor ASME
Jennifer Teague, B.S. Biology, Class of 2017
Gregg Fox, B.S. Biology, '13
Matt Hansen, Baylor Alum '11
Kendall Walling, BM Church Music, '19
Gerhard Stübben, MDiv candidate
Sowmika Boppana, B.S. Biology, BU '19
Prisca Bird, MA student, BU Dept. of History
Lee Tran, BA '04, PhD '10
Sean MacKay, B.A. Psychology, Class of 2020
Nathan Myrick, PhD Student, School of Music, Church Music
Cristina Martinez, B.A Medical Humanities, 2020
Griffin DeClaire, B.A., Baylor Theatre Class of 2020
Aspen Graves, BS AT, 2018
Sierra Wilson, B.A., University Scholars, 2008
Andrew Person, BA in International Studies
Preston Yancey, BA Great Texts of the Western Tradition, '12
Elizabeth Hebert, BME 2014, MM Rice University 2017
Emily Christine West, BM Great Texts of the Western Tradition
Katie Colanero, B.A. University Scholars, '18
Holly Tate, MSEd'11, Baylor Missions
Elizabeth Fredericks, PhD - English, 2016
Wendy West Allman, Alum
Conner Moncrief, B.A., University Scholars, 2016
Evan Bassler, University Scholars '11
Tim Orr, Doctoral Candidate, Religion
Daniel Kleypas, BA Studio Art '14
Michael Bolton, Student, Biochemistry
Matthew David Wiseman, B.A. Linguistics, '12
Maggie Holland, '14, University Scholars
Faith Danielson, BA in Professional Writing, Honors Program, 2016 Alumna
Sarah Tharp, MA student, English
Marcela Treviño, Junior, Medical Humanities
Iscee A. Wheaner, B.A. Biology, BU 1998
Kelsey Wiggins, MDiv/MSW, '15
Julia Powers, MM Voice Performance, 2018
Samuel Gostomski, BIC Sophomore, Philosophy and Arabic & Middle East Studies
Arianna Cheney, Honors Program, Political Science '18
Anthony Farfan, MSW candidate '17, Baylor Alum '16
Mariah Wood, B.A. Health Science, Class of 2020
Stephanie Ahrens, BA University Scholar, 2012
Christopher Castillo ME '20
Marissa Sotelo, Alum '16, BA Biology
Cindy Miller
Perry Neil Harrison, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English
Andrea Horton '17 BM, Voice Performance
Sophia Stanley, Junior, Speech Pathology
Alicia Duval, B.S. Biology '15, M.P.H. '17
Devon Wright, Baylor Alum '14
Patrice Sena
Julia Pantleo, English Literature '20
Gregory Abel, University Scholar, Class of 2019
Jon-Michael Carman, PhD Candidate, Baylor Department of Religion
Rebecca Sheesley, Associate Professor, Dept of Env Science
Abigail Hofbauer, Class of 2016 (BA - History), Class of 2018 (MA - Museum Studies)
MacKenzie Scarlett, Mechanical Engineering, '18
Jordan Millhollin, B.S. Biochemistry '19
Emily Mosher, M.Div/MSW '17
Lyzette Garza, B.A, Political Science and Sociology 13'
Joben David, Alumni
Anna Kasirye, BSN, '17
Aidan Christopherson, Freshman, University Scholar
Paige Hardy, B.A. Religion and Journalism, Baylor Student Government, '19
Haley Stepp, B.S. Biology, '16
Kody Leland Bartley, M.T.S., Truett Seminary 2016
Allison Rodgers, M.Div. Theology, '13
Sam Cedar, University Scholar, English/Philosophy
Stephen Adkison, B.A. University Scholar, Class of '17
Pratha Aggarwal, Pre-Medicine/Biology, class of 2019
Holly Howard, BSN, RN Class of 2016
Chase Sepulvador B.A of Sociology Baylor 2018
Jamie Webb Biology PreMed BU2020
Alex Plank, Sociology, 2020
Helen McDaniel, BME-Choral, '20
Aaron Weaver, Ph.D. '13
Carl Spain, M.Div., 2009
Greg Speegle, Professor, Department of Computer Science
Daemiah Perryman (B.S. Biology c/o 2018)
Elizabeth Bolger, Business Marketing '19
Erica Speegle, Baylor Alum '13
Jessica Kinsey, Student Leader of Better Together BU
Amber D. Noel, M.Div. (Duke) and friend of Baylor
Paul A. McCoy, Professor & Ceramist-in-Residence, Department of Art
Jill Riley BSW '15 MSW '16
Randy Sommerfelt Baylor Alum
Jazz Johnson, Journalism Class of 2020
Daniel Adams, B.A. University Scholars, Baylor University, '13
Ashwini Allen, BA Comm in Sci and Disorders-Speech Pathology, '19
Sandy Tighe, ADMN. Biology
Katie Binetti, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology
Hope Van, freshman, BU class of 2020
Anali Looper, Esq.- J.D. 2014, B.A. 2007
W. Hulitt Gloer (BA, '72) , Professor, George W. Truett Theological Seminary
Moriah Speciale, Baylor alumna, Class of 2016
Richard E. Duhrkopf, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology
Andrea Brown Pre-Business 2020
James M. Kennedy, Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Rosalind Baty, Senior Lecturer, Communication Department
Jessica Howard B.A. Marketing '20
Leslie A. Hahner, Communication
Landon McGee, University Scholar Alumnus, '16
Alexis Carey, PhD student Environmental Science, Class of 2020
Jason M. Chacon, PhD, Biology Department
Hunter Schroer, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, '14
Jacob Addicks, International Buisness and Accouting, Class of 2020
Brittany McDonald, freshman, Health Science Studies
Alexander Tsatsoulas, undergraduate research assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering, '17
James M. SoRelle, Professor of History
Robin Wallace, Professor of Musicology
Rebecca Larsen, Waco Immigration Alliance
Carol Perry, sr. lecturer, Journalism
Brentyn Young, Junior at Baylor
Patrick Ormsby, University Scholar '19
Damian H. Moncada, Hispanic Student Association President, Latinx Coalition
Samantha Harbeck, BS biochemistry '16
Moises Park, Assistant Professor of Spanish
Joi Siler, B.A. Political Science '18
Memona Niazi, B.S. History Pre-Law, BU '18
Tabitha Patterson, MDiv, Baylor Law Library
Greg Garrett, Professor, English
Aldrin Federico Business Student
Jared Patterson, Truett Student
Clay Tinkham, Pro Sales student
Kirstin Rose-Bean, PhD student, New Testament
Kayla Canava BSE Health Science Studies ''20
Lauren Hibbs B.A. University Scholars 2016
Gabrielle Saucedo, Freshman, Pre-Nursing
Grace Ellen Waggener, Junior, Sec. Life Sci. Education
Sydney Pechal, student, Social Work
Jocelyne Melendez, B.A. Psychology, '18
De'Vion Hinton, Class of 2017
Megan Smith, CFS 2019
Maryse Bombito, Communication Specialist '19
Faith Awoniyi, BS Health Science Studies, '18
Rebecca Mowery, BIC, Pre-Business, Baylor Class of 2019
Rachel Goldberg, MM Vocal Performance, '17
Micheal Kabtimer, Freshman, Baylor Class of 2020
Kristen Mouton, B.A. Sociology, Class of 2018
Parakh Jaggi B.S. Computer Science
Caitlin Rounds, FDM, Class of 2020
Madelyn Gee, B.A. Journalism, '20
Leah Reed, B.A. Religion '18
Kendra Essim, Baylor '19
Angie Anchondo, C/o '19
Everett Coleman, Political Science and Economics '20
Kali Smith, class of 2018
Christian Broussard, Sociology, Fall '18
Katie Marroquin, Nutrition Pre-PA '17
Christopher J. A. Skrodzki, M.S. 2017
Bevin Mairura, B.A Biology, Class of 2020
Dani Dawson B.S. Exercise Phsyiology, '19
Orlandria Wilson, Psychology, '19
Sara Steele, MM Collaborative Piano, '17
Julia Dotter, BFA, '16
Katrina Burrup, BBA International Business '19
Jennifer Howell, Ph.D., Religion '16
Elizabeth Uhlig, Baylor BA '15
Priyatham Kurapati, Class of 2017
Brashon Ford, B.S. Biochemistry/PreDental, Class of 2020
Brooke Vander Hey, B.S. Public Health, '19
Lyannah Contreras, Biology, Class of 2020
Stephanie Nwagwu, President of the Multicultural Association of PreHealth Students, c/o 2017
Alyssa Hill, B.A. Psychology '20
Sarah Percy, MA Candidate, Baylor English Department
Ashton Alban, B.S. Biochemistry, '17
Greg Zoda, B.A. Political Science and Communication '19
Dreion Barrow, Sports Sponsorship and Sales '17
Stephanie Adames, Health Science Studies/ Spanish Baylor' 20
Antoinette Weatherspoon, Exercise Physiology '19
Marissa Ortega, BA Medical Humanities, '20
Jeannette K. Marsh, Assoc. Professor of English & Linguistics, Dept. of English
Ellen Ezell, English, '18
Alena Sigman, Alumni 2016
Owen T. Lind, Professor Emeritus of Biology
Aysha Siddiqui, Junior, Child & Family Studies
Victoria Cottledge
Jessica Jensen, BSW '20
Rebecca Huerta, BA, Political Science Class of 2019, Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority Inc.
Kelsey Wolf, B.A. of Communication 2017, BIC, Departmental Honors, and student-athlete
Pamela Ruz, Junior, Psychology
Laura Davalos-Lind Biology Department
BreAnna Boyle, Health Science Studies '18
Allie McMurtry, Diane Garland School of Social Work '19
Rev. Dustin Kunz, M.Div., Truett Theological Seminary, '11
Raul Aguilar, Junior '18 Medical Humanities
Sahar Pradhan, Neuroscience '18
Guillermo Gonzalez, BME Instrumental Music, '19
Tabitha Leonards, Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, International Studies '20
Carmela Wright, B.S. Family And Consumer Science '20
Madelina Escobar, B.S. Education, Class of 2017
Cole Davis
Melissa Nowitzky
Lucila Beuses, B.S. Biochemistry, Class of 2018
Shakira Wilson, B.S Neuroscience '17
Brendon Boldt, MIS 2017
Aaqila Rasheed, BBA '13
Rebel Sanders, Ph.D. Candidate, Biology
Kayla Miller, Pre-health student, Multicultural Association of Pre-health Students
Natalia Araujo, Pre-Business student, 2020
Natasha Nkhama, BA Psychology, '19
Austin Ingalls, BM Vocal Performance '19
Jessica Herschap Senior B.A English
Maya Sjoberg, BS Chemistry Class of 2020
Urielle Ndri, B.S.Biochemistry, '20
Oluwatomi Fadeyi, BS Biochemistry, Class 2020
Arianna R. Gomez, B.S. Public Health '18, Honors Program, BIC
Swasti Raut, PhD student, Biology
Valencia Johnson, M.A. Museum Studies '17
Alline Snow, B.S. Psychology, '19
Breana Allen, HSS Pre-Med 2017
Katherine Hooker, B.S. Biology '14
Victoria Ellison, BSW, '18
Cindy Castillo, Masters of Accountancy '17
Folake Obasanya sociology major, 2020
Jocelyn Ridenour, BM piano performance 2013
Bessie Kebaara, Associate Professor, Biology
Adam Tate
Katherine Estep, B.S. Neuroscience, Prehealth, BIC, '18
Nuri Hubbard, Junior, Co-President of Association of Black Students
Kim Littleton, M.T.S. Candidate, Truett Seminary
Kristen Gray, BA Reigion and Philosophy, '18
Alyxe Dowell, English Literature, '19
Skylar Gilmore BA in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Community Leader, Class of 2019
Tracy Pinney, adjunct faculty, PhD candidate, Biology
Sidney Okon, Class of 2017, Psychology Premed
Robert Pate, Finance, '18
Valerie Hernandez, B.A. Psychology, '18
Jolena Gonzalez, BSW '18
Reina Mendoza, Pre-Business Student, '19
Mary Lea Phillips, B.A. Elementary Education with Special Education '19
John Miller, PhD Candidate, Mathematics
Moncie Wright, Ph.D. Candidate, Biology
Rebecca Sobolewski, BA Medical Humanities, 2020
Anna Sieges Beal, Ph. D. '16
Syeda T. Hayat, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of English
Emily Starr, BA Art History '19
Jaelyn Galindo, Journalism, '20
Jemima McCluskey, B.S. Biology '16
Megan Demel, BS Biology '16
Raquel Urdiales, BA Anthropology, '18
Hailey Franklin BBA-Acc&Fin'17 BSU EVP, CBA President
Marcell Steuernagel, Ph.D Candidate, Church Music
Ashlynn Doyle, Political Science Pre-Law '18
Shandrell Washington, BSN, '20
Aisa Abrego, BA Medical Humanities '20
Sam Webster, BS Biology, '20
Greeshma Chilukuri, BS neuroscience '19
Tamara Lehmann, Academic Support Associate, Department of Biology
Jenna Hampton, Social Work Major
Johanna Lassig, BS Entrepreneurship & Real Estate
Kenneth Ray Vaughan Jr., 3rd year Ph.D. Student, Sociology
Caleb BS Mechanical Engineering in BIC 2018
Arielle Van-Mballa Junior NAACP
Sydney Drake B.A. Medical Humanities '19
Austin Rabon, Sophomore Choral Music Education Major, First Presbyterian Church Waco
Jordyn Levings, Class of 2020
Rachel Funk, Freshman, Pre-Dental '20
Emily Alsup, BA Communication Sciences and Disorders '19
Jason Nwachukwu
Murat Yilmaz, Ph.D. Candidate, Sociology
Ke'Andre Starling, NAACP Juvenile Justice Chair, HSS '19
Samantha Lucio, B.S Chemistry '20
Jackline Senyonga, B.S. Biology '19, Student Government Executive Board
Christian Yarbrough, BS Public Health, Class of 2019
Jake Raabe, Graduate Student, Truett Seminary
Farah Tadros, Pre-Dietetics, '19
Ana Chatham, MSW, '15
Bailey Porter, Language and Linguistics, Class of '18
Christy Ramirez, BS Neuroscience '18
Ebony C. Jennings, BA Sociology, 2017
Alexis Stuckey, student of Anthropology and Pre-Medical
Brandon Mattingly, Ph. D. Candidate, Physics
Umair Kapadia, B.S. Biology, '20
Alek Virani, Freshman, Business '20
Jean A. Boyd, Ph.D. Professor of Music History, Baylor University School of Music
Kat Largent, BBA '17, Honors Residential College Council President
Kayla Vogel, B.A. Political Science '13
Breanne Steele, BBA '16
Nathan Peter Layman, InterVarsity Staff Worker at Baylor University
Anne-Marie Schultz, Director of the Baylor Interdisciplinary Core and Professor of Philosophy, BIC
Abby Bennett, sophomore social work major
Madison Blank, BS Biology '20
Rima Parabtani, Senior, BIC
Emily David, Corp Com '18
Blake Victor Kent, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Frederick Cramer, BS Biology '18
Cassady Spruiell, film and digital media, class of '18
Maddie Curnan, B.S. Apparel Merchandising '20
Tyler Rutherford, Associate Justice on Student Court
Danielle Cozine, BA International Studies, 2018
Alicia Alvarado, B.A. Political Science, 2016
Gian Lacayo, BS ME '18
Wesley Garey, PhD student, Baylor Department of English
Josh Kulak, M.Div., Truett Theological Seminary, 2012
Jason Whitlark, Associate Professor BIC
Laine Scales, faculty
Connor Smith, BA '13
Jennifer J. Woods, BS Biology '16
Jessica Su, BS Public Health '17
Ruth Buechsel, Psy.D., '10
Tiffany Messenger, BA International Studies, '16
Ashley N Mims. Anthropology BA. Class of 2014
Christina Franklin, Baylor Social Work '19
Hayden Evans, BS Public Health, '19
Onyinyechi Ogomaka, C/O 2019
Ashley Becker, BS Biology Pre-Law, Class of 2017
Emma Cummins, BS Biology, '17
Elise Jones, MSW Candidate, Garland School of Social Work
Angelica Marie Courson, Pre-Business, 2020
Lydia O'Quinn, MDiv candidate, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, May 2018
Erin Farris, BS French 2017
Juan Prado, BS Biochemistry, '17
Mysa Nguyen, Baylor Alumnus, '15
Stephanie Villa, Baylor Alumni, Class of 2012
Kaitlyn Carlson B.S. Biology '14
Carsen Henry, B.S.Ed. Secondary English '17
Mark Long, Associate Professor, Honors College
Connor Minney, BBA Economics '18
Ella Kimberly, BA Journalism, Class of 2017
Jason Straussman, Truett Seminary alumni
Kristen Echevarria, BA Corporate Communications '19
Megan Jennings, MDiv/MSW candidate
Carmen O, BBA Management & Marketing, Class of 2017
Chelsea Brown, BA Journalism: New Media '17
Kaylee Self, B.S. Biology '14
Shonti Wilson, Chemistry Pre-Med, NAACP, NSBE, HV, AMSA
Denae Gerasta, BA University Scholars '19
Lauren French, Public Health, Pre-Law, 2019
SuJin Kang, Ph.D candidate, Department of Sociology
Alishia Griffin, BS Neuroscience, 2017
Talbot Jenkins, Sophomore Theatre Design and BIC
Brooke Roemer, Exercise Physiology, '17
Emily McCalley, Junior, University Scholar: Medical Humanities
Leska lewallen, Class of 2005
Reagan Seiler, BFA Theater Performance '19
Charles McDaniel, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Core
Celeste Mitchell, BA University Scholars, '07
Jonathan Palmer, BS Neuroscience, '19
Harlee Floyd, Baylor University Alumni '15, Master's Candidate - Ed. Psych
Denise Lopez Cruz, Hispanic Student Association, Latinx Coalition
Gabriela McCormack, Senior, International Studies
Michael Wojcik, BBA Marketing, '17
Roya Tabibi, Baylor Alum '15
Theresa Vu, BS Biochemistry, 2016
Magdalayna Drivas, BA Journalism 2019
Neil Shanks BSED '09, MSED '14
Clarissa Binder, B.S. Mathematics 2017, BIC
Kristopher Ruiz, Political Science '19
Renae Wilkinson, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology
Jeffrey Wang, Baylor Business Fellows '18
Ashley Obi, Sociology BA, Chemistry minor, premed, c/o 2018
Evan Moynihan, BME '18
Lauren Walters, BS, Geology
Carolyn Still, Baylor alumna 1990, founder Live Oak Classical School
Brian Aslin, BFA '13, JD '16
Mika Veloz, BA Religion, '19
Angie Ng, B.S.Ed., Integrated Studies, 17'
Taylor Benton, B.S. Biology/PreMed, Class of 2020
Hannah Conrad, BS Nursing '19
Alexis Guerrero, Bachelor of Business Administration, '18.
Laura Ornelas, Doctoral Candidate, Psychology and Neuroscience
Justin Nelson, PhD candidate, Sociology
Autumn Averitt, B.A. Philosophy, '14
Dejah Wright, BS Neuroscience, '19
Joseph Ferraro PhD Assoc Prof Anthropology
Kyle Busse, Undergraduate in Mathematics, CASPER, Class of 2018
Rusty Wilson, B.A. Psychology, 19'
Morgan Ball, BS Biology '18
Kate Russell, SIGHT President, BS Neuroscience '17
Raquel Amador Ponce
Thomas James Watson BS Environmental Science '19
Sung Joon Kim, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Keiaron Randle BSFCS Apparel Design and Product Development '20
Taylor Phillips, BA Psychology '17
Sarah Bhimani, BS Public Health 19', ISSA
Renita Alexander B.S. Biology '19
Robyn Marshall, BBA Business Fellows, '18
Payton Heidenreiter, Sophmore, BFA Theater Performance '19
Eva Hruska, Lecturer of Russian, MLC
Rev. Jacob E. Drake, PhD student, Department of Religion
Audra Wilson BA '12, student athlete
Bethany Grones, BA English and Psychology '10
Alyssa Estrella, human being, sister of a Baylor bear
Christy McCaw, BA International Studies, 2017
William May, Ph.D. Professor of Music Education, BME '69
Lynn Whitcomb, Lecturer in Arabic, Modern Languages and Cultures
Leanne Rohrbach, BA American Studies, '17
Adam Moore, BA '02, MSEd '04, MTS '12
Nicole Manesh, Political Science, Pre- Law '19
Carson Brown, sophomore, Nursing
Carson Shofner
Sara Alexander, Assoc Prof, Anthropology, Baylor
Juli Rosenbaum Senior Lecturer MIS
Kent McKeever, BA '01, Adjunct Faculty
Numbilya Mpolo Interior Design B.S. '20
Cansu Cetin, PhD student, Biology
Timothy Winkler, BA Theater Arts '17
Emily Lin, BS Nutrition '19
Michael Huerter, MDiv/MM Church Music Candidate
Louis Gonzales, BBA Accounting
Macarena Hernández, The Fred Hartman Distinguished Professor of Journalism
Danielle Buncik, MSW, Class of 2019
Carmen R. Kelley, Alumni, B.S.Ed. 1984, M.S.Ed. 1985
Jonathan Pinto, Night Supervisor, Crouch Fine Arts Library
Robbie Sneath Echols, BA 1973
Katie Standing, BA FDM, 2017
Hijab Ahmed, BS Chemistry 2016
Mark Anthony Trujillo, B.S. Chemistry '19
Ashton Bellamy, Freshman University Scholar
Laura Muller
Holly Collins, Assistant Professor of French
Sean Cordy, Journalism '18
Ashley Steele, BS Biology, 2016
Joseph Leman, MS, Psychology
Rachel Cooper, BSW, class of 2019
Stephanie Allen, BA Medical Humanities & Biology '13
Nicholas Steele, BSME 2014
Nicholle Igbinyemi, BS Anthropology Pre-med 2020
Jeffrey Anton, BS Neuroscience 2020
Meredith Taylor, BBA '18
Jessica Roseberry
Aysha Irfan, BS Nutrition Sciences '20, ISSA
Santiago Silva, BBA Business '20
Natasha Freire, BSW student '18
Jessica Hubble, BA Journalism '18
Kimberly Cagle, BBA Accounting '17
Sundul Ahmed
Jonathan Stine, B.B.A. Marketing, '17
Talj Tatum, Baylor Alumna, BA '14, MA '16
Raquel Buenrostro, Political science, Prelaw '20
Stephanie Jernigan, PsyD, 2018
Rachel Cummins, University Scholar, BIC, Honors, 2020
Betty Mekonnen, BS Psychology '20
Nhat Hoang, B.S. Physics '16
Bisma Zulifqar, BS Biology '19
Tony L. Talbert, Professor, School of Education Baylor University
Lilla Dorvee, BS Anthropology '18
Julia Robinson, BS Biology and Great Texts, 2018
Lakia M. Scott, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education
Erin Nolen, MSW '13
Anisha Zaman, BS Biology '17
Kaitlyn Gibbens, Sophomore, Corporate Communications and German
Elias Cade Jarrell, MDiv in progress Truett, BUP
David Dèulofeu i Antunez, BA Political Science '18
Kristine Gear, BA International Studies '12
CeRon Ford, BS Public Health '17
Michael Beaty, Professor, Department of Philosophy
Regina Villanueva, BA Pre-Law/Linguistics '19
Collin M. Smith, MTS '17
Todd Meehan, Associate Professor of Percussion, School of Music
Avery Lane, BA Film and Digital Media 19
Danielle Shahin, BS Biology '18
Bre Bohart, BS '14
Jeffrey Peterson, Associate Professor of Voice, School of Music
March Rivera, BIC, BA Linguistics '18
Bob Lott, retired editor, Waco Tribune-Herald
Erika Lane, BA Medical Humanities '20
Rev. Lee Ann Robelia, Coordinator for Formation, B.A. Religion, '13
Courtenay Klauber BA Linguistics '16
Abigail Antrich, BSI Bioinformatics '19
Erica Anne Hairston, B.A Religion '14
Erica Bonham, Accounting, Class of 2019
Katy Lee, BS Biology '18
Natalie Peña Canales, Sophomore, Medical Humanities
Michael Cotten, B.S, M.S Biology 2016
Lynneth J. Miller, PhD Candidate, Department of History
Luke Camarillo, BME Instrumental Music '18
Blessing Johnny, BS Biochemistry '19
Maria Rios, BA Apparel Merchandising, class of 2020
Tedarah Johnson, BA FDM 2018
Megan Talley, MM/MDiv '15
Hana Marsheck, Health Science Studies pre-PT '20
Ricky Roshell, Junior, Baylor School of Music
Quinn Otte, BS Environmental Health Science, Class of 2019
Jeremy Anaya, 2017 B.A. Sociology
Carrie Tran, MSW '18
Justin Vance, Music Education
Andrew Mackenzie, B.A., Theology
Shannon Kelly, psychology, '20
Lauren Blair, nursing, '19
Andre Nembhard class of 18
Jessica Hubble, BA Journalism '18
Kaylee Wilson, Heath Science Studies, '20
Alexandria Knight, Sophomore, School of Education
Sarah Pickerill, Nursing '20
Chris Saito, Health Science Studies '19
Nancy Goodloe, B.S. '68. Retired Emeritus Professor, 2000
William Ward, Psychology, Class of 2020
Stephanie Lewis BME Instrumental Music '20
Julie Yu, BM Music '18
Jerry Park, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
Zach Schutze, BIC, B.A. History '18
Avani Verma, ENV Health, Class of 2019
Adrian Acevedo, Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, BBA Finance 19'
Ricardo Chaves, Adjunct Professor of Saxophone, School of Music
Helen Garcia, BA Forensic Anthropology '15
Mackenzie Wilson, B. F. A., '13
Danielle Moss, BFCS Interior Design, '19
Laura Sliker, B.F.A Studio Art, Class of 2018
Thomas McGraw, B.A. Philosophy and Religion '15
Thomas K. Burgess
Ariana Phillips-Hutton, Honors College, BM '09, MM '12
Jessica Jimenez, BSW '13, MSW '15
Rachel Cobb, BA Music '11
Kaitlyn Egan, MSCP, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student ('19)
Flora Park, B.S. Biology '14
Cheryl Pooler, LCSW Adjunct Professor
Sue Christian Parsons, Education, BS '83, MS '85
Brooke Blevins, assistant professor, curriculum and instruction
Kay Murphy alum 1985
James Yarbrough, BA English '10
Geoff Ketchum, Poultry Science / Culinary Arts
Pete Ramsey, Undergraduate Learning Librarian, Baylor Libraries
Nathan Eldridge, BBA Supply Chain Management, '17
Amanda Carter, BS Nursing '18
Kiara Wilder, BS biochemistry, premedicine, peer mentor for LEAD LLC
Gabriela Cruz, Neuroscience '18
Kirupa Sargunaraja
Stephen Parcon, Sophomore, Honors Residential College
Kayla Riggs, BBA Marketing, '17, SVP Delta Sigma Pi
Rickey H. Hudson BA 1976, MD LSUMCS 1980
Michele Villarreal, BA International Studies '09
Melissa Lopez, B.S. Neuroscience '20
Steven Bosmans, Psychology '18
Leah Sobernheim
Bethany J. Smith, Adjunct Lecturer, English
Madelyn Bishop, Freshman, Baylor Pre-Health Science Studies
Susan McLendon, BS Education '76
Kaila Thomas, Social Work '19
Stephanie Sullivan, B.S. Biology '19
Kendall Elliott, BA English '20
Jacob Dunn, Biology '20
Serena Kristiana Teakell, activist and human who cares
Michaela McElroy
Joy Olufemi, Sophomore
Sam Asthana, B.M. Applied Music '15
Bryana Garcia, BS HKLS '17
Jana Johnson, BA '87, Critical Care Physician
Robin Sweeden Senior Music Education '17
Taylor Middleton, Religion '19
Ali Chappell, MDiv Candidate at Truett Seminary
Lydia McCall Bratcher, BM, 1976
Rachael Smith Niederhauser, BME '12
Michael Webbon, BA Computer Science / Russian 2014
Marie Schier, BBA '14 & M.S.Ed. '16
James Okoh, Neuroscience '17
Duncan Richards Baylor class of 2020
Andrew Brown, Alumni 2012
Colton Kvapil, BBA '11
Eric James, BA Asian Studies '18
Nona De la cruz, Psychology '20
Stephen Cook, PhD Candidate, Biology
Joseph McIntire, Biology '20
Rebecca Pettit, international Studies 2016, BIC, M.Div. Truett Seminary 2019
Bradley Wright, BS Secondary Social Studies Education '12
Marmaduke (Mike) Hollis, Communications '18
Preston Cornelius, BIC, Communications '20
Brent Golden, Student Assistant to the Office of the President
Hildebrand Glossop, Classics '20
Maddie Ebrey, Nursing '20, IJM
Joanna Chen, B.S. Chemistry, '17
Megan Soulakis, Film and Digital Media '20
Rebecca Brown, MSIS '17
Lauren Muirhead, pre-nursing '20
Kiana Baker, student, Baylor University
Steven Nadakal, BS Biochemistry of the Class of 2017
John Choi, B.S. Biochemistry '16
Meghan Boersma, B.S. Biology and Great Texts '19
Parker Walton, BA International Studies '17
Vinootna Kantety, BS Neuroscience, BIC, Honors, '20
Abdullah Ghali, Baylor '18
John Robinson, Services Coordinator, Central Libraries
Brittany Ramirez, M.Div., Truett Seminary '14
Serge LeMans
Oliver Revilo
Alison Panasik, BA Family and Consumer Sciences 2005
Jamal Kahala, Sophmore, Poltical Science, Neuroscience
Carol Crawford Holcomb, Ph.D. Church History, '99
Kalli Damschen, BA English/journalism '17
Sneha Akarapu, MIS and Finance '17
Rebecca Beretta alumni
Katherine Stevenson, BBA '19
McKenna Brown, BA English '19
Alicia Kobylecky, doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology, Baylor '17
Gabriela Gomez, Engineering '20
Regina Phalange, alumni
Alexis Thomas, BA Political Science '18
Adam Flores MFA '12 Theatre
Alycia Castleman, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work '18
Celeste Boduch, BS Biology, '18
Reilly Lawrence, Business, UT 2020
Dani Greene, student, Texas resident
Jameson Graber, assistant professor, Department of Mathematics
Leslie Edwards, Christian
Chanse Sonsalla, Economics, Class of '19
Zachary D. Kastens, PhD Student, Teacher of Record, Baylor English Department
Abbie Wynans, Freshman Comms and International studies major, BIC
Katrina Youngblood, BA, Medical Humanities
Jared Brandt, doctoral student, Baylor Philosophy Department
Amanda Cooper, undergrad admissions
Alina Beary, PhD candidate, Philosophy department
David M. Beary, PhD candidate, Baylor Department of Religion
Wallis Stanfield
Austin Crawford, BME-Choral, '20
Sara Burch, B.A. Art History '19
Jannice Alvarado Velazquez
J. Salvador Hernández Avilés. Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México. Sabbatical year in Baylor University. 2001.
Enrique Mora Heredia, PhD, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research
Kelsey Caraballo, B.S. Bioinformatics, '16
Mark Sepanski, Baylor, professor
Felix Herrera, BS Bioinformatics '16
Skylar Ray, Master's Student, Department of History
Zach Medlin, Truett Seminary '17
Amy McArthur, BA Economics '17
Anna Hodges B.A. Environmental Studies
Mujteba Naqvi, Alumni
Chelsea Stevens, Junior, neuroscience premed
Nadia Jones '19
Hannah Ditter Medical Humanities BA
Jack Sullivan, undergraduate University Scholar
Alexis Kirby, BA, Psychology, '14
Joshua H. Mitchell Hankamer School of Business BBA c/o 2015
Ana Karen Osuna Osuna, Ex-Student, 2014
Joshua H. Mitchell Hankamer School of Business BBA c/o 2015
Kyler Bradshaw, Heavenly Voices Gospel Choir Vice President
Tiffany Fry, BA '11, MSW '15
John Kelly
Jared Best, MM '17
Elizabeth Lorenson, Baylor School of Engineering and Computer Science, BSME 2017
Bridget Lathrop, BBA Pre-Business '19
Marissa Santana, BS Biology '17
Tim Rogers, Phys Ed, Spring '18
Leah Force, Senior Lecturer, Department of Art
Clinton Mosley, BA Religion, '12
Femi Omoni, BA, Film & Digital Media, '00
Matthew Casella, Music Education, 2011
Corey Thomas Royse, BSCS Alumnus, '15
Joshua Tom, PhD, Sociology, '15
Chelsea Stevens, Junior, neuroscience premed
Katelin Herzog, BS Psychology, '18
Ben Garrison, African American Studies '17
Kaleigh Reid, History, Class of 2020
Kristin Bustard, Political Science '18
Victoria Bernal, BS Biology/ premed, '20
Emilee Cassidy
Mychael-Taurus, alumni
Bisrat Berhanu, international student, B.S. Biochemistry
Abigail Wilson, B.A. International Studies, '15
John Gazzaway, , B.A. Linguistics '18
Amar Pancar B.S Biology '20
Lauren Bagwell BS '15 Education MA'16
Mireya Villagomez
Grant Swingler, Communications Major 2018, University Facilities Manager of Laundry
Walker Bailey, University Scholar, '17
Max Richards, Linguistics, '17
Sarah Trammell, freshman, BIC and English
Moises Martinez, BS/MS Electrical and Computer Engineering, '17
Carra Honderich, BS, Biochemistry
Kris Freeman, BA English '98
Kristina Marshaus, Social Work, '19
Scott H. Moore, '85, Faculty, Great Texts
Derek L. McAllister, Ph.D. candidate, Baylor Philosophy Department
Julie deGraffenried, Associate Professor, Department of History
Khurram Baloch, MBA Hankamer '02
Emily Curran, BS Biochemistry, 2020
Maneesha Julakanti, BS Neuroscience '17
Katherine Barron, junior, economics
Haley Root, B.A. Communication Sciences and Disorders '16
Hannah Crawford, BSW '17
Jordyn White, BME-Choral, '20
Karen Sandoval-García, Ex-student, Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research, 2016
Abby Thompson, B.A. International Studies, '17
Chara Blackwell, Alpha Delta Pi, BBA Management and Statistics '17
Mackenzie Chakara, BA Political Science, 2019
Brianna Correia, BS Neuroscience '19
Dahlia Travers, BA '15
Kim Philby, B.A. History, '16
Quinton Matsuo-Chun, History, '20
Jaime Reyes 'TTU microbiology 17
Shirley Rodriguez, LaFe, Nursing
Chrystal Conners, Woodway resident
Brent Nessler, M. Div, Truett Seminary
Grayson Meek, MAcc '16, Assuance Staff
Rev. Dr. Steve Wells; BA 90, Mdiv 97; DMin, 2003; Pastor, South Main Baptist Church
Michael Kortz BS '16
Margaret Cross, BIC, Biology BS
Rachel Gillespie, MDIV/MSW 18'
Kaela McIver, Nutrition Sciences, '17
Hannah Knight, MSW Candidate, '18
Julio Ramirez, BSEd Secondary ELAR, '17
Charlotte Jonkman, Political Science, '19
Donald Maclean, BA Linguistics, 2018
Paniz Karbasi, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ph.D student
Sarah Kaczenski, BA Acconting, '19
Tina Yousefy, Alpha Chi Omega, BU Marketing 19'
Lauren Johnson, BA Family and Consumer Science, '17
Jeanelle Botha, BIC, Biology BS
Celeste Carmen
Alexander J. McNair, Associate Professor of Spanish
R. Lynae Roberts, Psychology & Neuroscience, Ph.D. student
Ryan Money, Religion
Anthony Blunt, Economics, '18
Peter Clemenza, Criminology, 18
Kara Poe Alexander, Associate Professor of English and Coordinator of Professional Writing and Rhetoric, Department of English
Matthew Cochran, BS Biology, '16
Alex Andrews, BA in Corporate Communication and Leadership Studies, '18
Anna Frerichs, Baylor School of Education and BIC, '19
Monique M. Ingalls, Assistant Professor of Music
Megan Baldree, BA Language and Linguistics, '10
Jo-Ann Tsang, Ph.D., Psychology and Neuroscience
Miranda Chavez, BA English Literature '17
Lidija Novakovic, Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Katie Williams, BA FDM '18
Jennfer S. Dickey, Social Work, Lecturer
Emma Stotlemyer, Linguistics BS, '20
Beth Allison Barr, Associate Professor, History
Elizabeth Flowers, BS Psychology '14, MA '17
Dustin F. Williams, CFRE, BBA '12
Joan Supplee, Professor, Department of History
Nardos Demissie, President of Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Association
Jake Barnes, English, '16
John Cairncross, Mathematics 2017
Diana Castillo
Priscilla Layman, PsyD Candidate, '19
Hipatia Medina, Baylor Lecturer
Leah Nealis, Biochemistry '20
Dylan Lucich, Freshman, Biology major
Elizabeth Dell, Senior Lecturer in English
Caroline Cartwright, Psychology, '17
Shivam Seth, Baylor Alumni '13, MBA
Linda Kang, Doctoral Candidate, Psychology and Neuroscience
Xin Wang, Associate Professor of Chinese Studies and BIC
Henry Foster, BA Sociology 2015
Morgan Marrs, BS, Biology, '20
James Cobb, BFA Theatre, Student
Meredith Munson, BA '07
Rev. Dr. William A Walker III, BBA, '07, MTS '10
Sin-Ning Cindy Liu, BA Psychology '14, MA Educational Psychology '16
Dillon Stull, BA University Scholars, '16
Sarah Evans, BBA Economics '16
Angelica Phillips, BS Sociology 2018
Mia Moody-Ramirez, Journalism, PR & New Media
Micah Titterington, MDiv, Truett Seminary, '13
Jennifer Nath, BA History '09, MDIV '13
Holly Oxhandler, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, Assistant Professor
Adina Johnson, PhD Candidate, Department of History
Kayla Mize, Social Work, BSW Program Manager
David Pooler, Associate Professor, Garland School of Social Work
Alan Nunn May, Physics
Lou Dorchen, Business, '20
Kipp Swinney, Doctoral Student, Baylor Department of Religion
Roseanne Castro, Alumni '12
Sarah Grey, BBA Marketing '16
Alec Valdez, Economics, 2015
Sabrina Hirani BA Sociology, Biology, 2018
Hannah Johns, BSW, Senior
Nathan Alexander Mueller, Graduate Student, Baylor Philosophy Department
Beth Kilpatrick, Pastoral Team FBC Chilton, MSW '09, MDIV '11
Caroline Warfel, Communication Sciences and Disorders '18
Mike Cohn, Exercise Physiology '17
Anne-Marie Berg, BA Religion, '18
Sarah Thomas, Baylor University, Nursing
Joseph Villanueva, BSN, 2018
Lilian Valladares, BS Nursing, '18
Elise Leal, PhD Candidate, History
Kai Martinez, Health Science Studies, c/o 20
Jose Leyva, BA Philosophy, '18
Lizzy Davis, Academy for Leadership Development
Katelyn Fiedler, Public Health, '18
Andy Carne, Mechanical Engineering 2018
Jesse Bueno, B.S. Biochemistry, 2019
Courtney Young, B.A. English, '19
Scott Varda, Associate Professor, Communication,
Collin Smith, BA '15
Lauren march, business
Caroline Carpenter, Marketing, 2018
Preston Dyer, PhD, LCSW, Professor Emeritus of social work, BA '60
Anna Wedler, University Scholar 2020
Andrew Christian van Gorder, Associate Professor, Department of Religion
Anna McFarland, Elementary Education '19
Jordan Cervas, Church Recreation and Leisure Services, '17
Margaret Elizabeth Schmeltekopf, Religion 2016 and Current Truett Student
Victoria Hamilton, BA University Scholars '16
Jessica Morton, BS Biology Pre-med, '20
Molly Montgomery, Baylor Alumna '16
Alex Napuri, BBA Marketing, '17
Case Smith, Religion '17
Lexi Westberg- BIC, BS Biology 2017
Rebecca Valenzuela, Biochemistry BA, '20
Dania Campuzano, BBA Marketing '19
Ben Maddox, Bachelor of Arts, '06
Sara Deaton, Masters of Accounting, 2019
Rev. Charley Garrison, Pastor, Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church
Joe Gatlin, Waco resident
Nathan F. Alleman, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, BU SOE
Dakota Bellow, B.A. Environmental Studies, 2018
Cara Cliburn Allen, Doctoral student, Higher Education Studies And Leadership
Julia Wallace, Alumnus ('16), M. Div and MSW Candidate
Whitney Luce, Lecturer, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work
Samuel Kupp, Marketing '12
Paige Panter, BA English '10
Jack Wellington, Mathematics '12
Kiara Stewart, BS Neuroscience '17
Debbie Skelly, Pre-Nursing, '19
Justin Carter, BS Biology, '20
Erica Swindle, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Mathematics
Shelby McClintock neuroscience 2020
Lindsey Ringlee, Psychology '20
David Wilhite, Associate Professor of Theology, George W. Truett Theological Seminary
Harmony Martz, B.S. Biology, 2020
Reverend Brenda Kay Hafer, BA Religion '08
Rachel Carson, Creative Writing, 2016
Naiomi Klein, Economics, '12
David Rambo, BBA Business Fellows, '19
Zariya Steptoe- BS Biology Premed '20
Makenzie Fitzgerald, University Scholars, '16
Taylor Strong, B.A. English Literature, 2018
Zach Winfield, Baylor University, PhD student
Marie Stephensen, Environmental Science MS '17
Juan Prado, BS Biochemistry, '17
Toby Towsley, Junior Biochemistry
Farzaneh Mansouri, PhD student, Environmental Science
Edwin Eschler, PhD Student, Sociology
Christopher J. A. Skrodzki, M.S. 2017
Rev. John D Young, B.A. Religion '03; M.Div '06
Claire Moffett, Ph.D. student, Environmental Science
Crystal Diaz-Espinoza, BA '06, MSEd '10, Garland School of Social Work Director of Enrollment and Alumni Services
Ross Tarpley, BBA '15, MDiv '20
Jordon Pollard, Graduate Student, Department of American Studies
Alexandria Bonner, LCDC
Ebose Ogbebor, B.S.E.D Health Science Studies, '20
Jose Ricardo Cobarrubias, B.S Pre-Neuroscience, '20
Andrea Torres, Biology '18
Rebekka Anderson, Neuroscience BS '20
Hannah G. Bradley, B.M. Church Music '16
Katie McAfee, B.S. Economics and History, 2015
Chelsea Jackson Garcia, Waco resident
Zoe Mims, B.S. Biology '20
Vynna Chitolie, BS Environmental Science '20
Gretchen Noble, BM Piano Performance, 2020
Marissa Chitolie, B.S. Psychology, '18
Daniel Medina, B.S. Neuroscience '20
Osahon Ojeaga B.S.F.C.S '12
Maria D Lopez, Baylor Parent
Jerrod Clark LBSW, MSW, M.div alum BU, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work & Truett
LCDR Sharon Sprayberry, USN (Ret.), Class of 1972
Michael Riess, Alumni, BBA Business Fellows & Economics '13
Daniel Yi, PhD Student, Baylor Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Simon Phillip Thomas Sheaff, BU 17
Maurice Hunt, PhD, Research Professor of English, Baylor University
Shajna Ogbolu, Neuroscience 2020
Pamela Hunt, Government/Economics teacher, Midway High School
Amanda Pinto, Biology 2020
Emily Morrow Loachamin, MDiv/MSW, student
Israel Loachamin, MDiv, Truett Seminary 2018
Kayla Mize
Blake Sherman, B.A. Religion '14, MDIV student
Sueyon Kim, M.S. student, Communication Sciences & Disorders
Lin Biao, Economics, '15
Jone Corrales, Research Scientist, Department of Environmental Science
Baylor Steele, PhD Student, Department of Environmental Science
Ryan Coleman
Bridgett Hill, MSc Student, Environmental Science
Jay Losey, Associate Professor of English
Subin Yoon, PhD Student, Environmental Science
Laurel E. Zeiss, Associate Professor of Musicology
Tim Olsen, B.A. Film and Digital Media '16
Connor Brown, Premed, '20
Samantha Villarreal, B.S Biochemistry '20
Olivia Jones, BSED Health Science Studies, '20
Madison Baugh, B.S. Biology '20
Emma Donaldson, Pre Social Work, '19
Seth Rodriguez, BME, Music Ed., '20
Deborah Mahaney, Parent
Nick Haynes, Baylor Staff, MSW '10, BA '04
Stephen Jones, CPD IT Coordinator, MDiv Student
Kristina E Bradford, BA Intl Studies, French '04
Chris Mann, Psych '04
Emily Haas, Community Member, Local Education Intern World Hunger Relief, Inc.
Jennifer Klauth, LMSW, Alum, BSW '12, MSW '13
G Daniel Shelby BIC / Speech Comm class of 2004
Genevieve Poist, Volunteer with Baylor students at World Hunger Relief Farm
Kristen Pond, Assistant Professor, English Department
Kirsten Metz, Birth Doula and Volunteer Farmer
Katie Yarbro, Senior, Social Work
Jamie Haynes, Sibling of faculty
Destiny Scaief, Medical Humanities Pre-Med, '20
Lucas Land, M.Div. '08
Jonathan Duggins, B.A. Film and Digital Media '05
Jonathan Thiele, MD, University Scholar '07
Lindsey Coker, University Scholars, 16
Daniel Rager, BA Political Science '16
Axel Palomino, Foundation Member, Proud Baylor Supporter.
Ryan Mull, BA '13
Kim George, parent of a Baylor University freshman
Jessica Nguyen, B.S. Biochemistry, '20
Josh Jones, B.A. Religion, '17
Jennifer Hayes, Religion, Class of 2017
Jasmine Wise, Sociology '17
Vanessa Handy, Community Member; Intern and Baylor Student Volunteer Facilitator at World Hunger Relief, Inc.
Clé Torres, Environmental Science 2016
Josh Pittman, doctoral student, English Department
Maya Fontenot, BA Sociology '18
Melody Mazuk, Alumna, '79
Tom Nesbitt, '94
Keith Starr, '83
Cynthia Angell, Class of 2010
Kirsten Blanton, BS Biochemistry '20
Carole Johnson Rylander, "77
Halley Yzquierdo, 19
Joseph Holden III, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering '17, Academic Mentor
Stef Schrader, B.A. Film & Digital Media/Political Science '10
Jeremiah Bailey, Department of Religion, PhD Candidate
Rev. Kyle Childress, BA '80, pastor Austin Heights Baptist Church
Gabriela Martinez, Pre-Nursing, '20
JD Merritt, History '18
K. Aho, Ph.D. Philosophy, 2016
Brian Waryck; Baylor University Class of 2019; Chamber; intern for PDN in Uganda
Rachel Meach, Baylor University Class of 2020
Devin Li, Baylor Alum '12, BS Mechanical Engineering, Waco ISD Teacher
Patricia Miller, Attending 1986, Administrative Assistant County Commissioner Lester Gibson
Madeleine Tamez
Janet Bagby, Educational Psychology Department
Devon Plewman, Biochemistry, PhD Student
Megan Grindstaff, Baylor University Class of 2015
Priscila Duran, daughter of immigrants, Pre-Dental '20


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