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Courtesy of Tree Baltimore, The Baltimore Orchard Project (BOP) can provide free fruit and nut trees to non-commercial, non-residential projects. As part of this process, BOP performs a site analysis and can also provide orchard design services. A budget is created for all planting partners to show the cost of supplies and BOP services needed. All supplies and services are offered on a sliding scale. After you submit the form, a BOP staff member will get in touch with you to follow up on your requests.

Please note: not all services may be available depending on time of year and BOP staff availability. BOP will provide your organization an estimated budget for costs of these services based on a sliding scale.

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Tree Planting Questions
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Square feet is calculated by multiplying the length of the space by the width of the space. (length x width=square feet)
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Courtesy of TreeBaltimore we are able to provide free fruit and nut trees. We also occasionally propagate or purchase additional trees. However, varieties of trees are limited according to the season and our nursery stock. Please keep in mind that fruit and nut trees have different mature canopy sizes and will not necessarily fit in your planting location.
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Are you interested in receiving advice about companion plants for your orchard?
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