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Toronto Azzurri has entered into a partnership with a group of certified teachers to bring Math tutoring services to the Toronto Azzurri Sports program. This service is an ONLINE tutoring platform and we are looking for the opinions of our members to help us maximize the benefits of this program for our members. Please fill out this CONFIDENTIAL SURVEY. Your opinion is valued and appreciated. Thank you for your help!
Toronto Azzurri Brings Math Tutoring to Club
How long have you been an Azzurri club member?
How many children do you currently have in elementary school?
How many children do you currently have in secondary school?
Rate your ability to consistently help your kids with math homework *
Always Able to Help
Seldom Able to Help
Do you think any of your children could benefit from a certified math tutor?
Are you currently using a tutoring service? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, which tutoring service are you using
Check all the devices in this list that your children have access to *
Please rate the importance of the following attributes of a tutoring service
Extremely Important
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Not Important at all
Teacher- to - student ratio
In home visits available
Tutor qualifications
Ability to access tutor online
Ability to Access Lessons from anywhere
Live Broadcasted Classrooms
On-Demand Access to Lessons Online
Tutor-Parent-Teacher collaboration Online
Tutoring classes available at the new clubhouse
Our relationship with our education partners will allow Toronto Azzurri to offer math tutoring services, from certified teachers, that mirrors the Ontario Board of Education curriculum, for under $10 / hr *
Does having this service bring an added value to your soccer club?
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Thank you for your time. Your assistance will help us achieve the maximum benefits for our members. In addition, we are emailing you a $10 discount voucher applicable to a tutoring session term fee.
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Launch Date : Sept - 2015
Note* This service will go live September 7th 2015. Registrations will begin in Late July! To register for this service click here goo.gl/BYkO78
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