Please use this form to nominate players from your team for Thanksgiving or Spring Tournament Teams. On average, you should nominate your top 5-7 players in U12 & U14. If you have a strong team, you should nominate more players. If in doubt about a player, include them in your nominations. Please nominate all players you think are good enough to play on a turkey or spring team. The region gives extra consideration to the players of Key Volunteers for Turkey Tournament play. Please include the players of your coach, center referee(s), and team manager in your recommendations. And please rate children of referees, regardless of ability, and note that they are a REF KID in the comments section. Ratings are to be kept strictly confidential: PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS RATINGS WITH PARENTS OR PLAYERS. It is important to note that these are tournament nominations, not your end-of-season player evaluation. ALL NOMINATIONS ARE DUE by midnight, Thursday, OCTOBER 27, 2011. Please be sure to click on the SUBMIT button when you have completed filling out the form. (After indicating you have no more players to nominate, click on CONTINUE to get to the SUBMIT button. You might have to scroll way up to the top to find the SUBMIT button.).
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