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This form is to gauge the appetite for, and membership to, the UK Hackspace Foundation as well as determining where the foundation should focus its resources
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Do you think your space would meet our working definition of eligible Hackspaces? *
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How well does the mission resonate with you *
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Please rate the following activities/benefits as to their level of importance for your space *
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3 - Very important
Compiling advice/info on forming and running a hackspace
Negotiating discounts on common services/suppliers
Providing focused support for new/struggling spaces
Fund national promotional activity on behalf of all hackspaces
Protect common assets (e.g. trademark the hackspace name/logo)
Are there any other benefits you'd like the foundation to deliver
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Joining the foundation would mean agreeing to the Code of Conduct, is this ok *
Describe any changes you'd like to see in the Code of Conduct
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Would your space be interested in attending a Hackspace Foundation Congress/Conference
What would you expect to see/hear/get from a HSF conference
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Are you in support of the foundation collating/sharing statistics regarding UK Hackspaces (like the NESTA report)
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