Can't Get In Private Lesson. 1-Time Scrimmage Class
If you can't get into Private Lessons with Avila but need some help and attention ASAP (got tryout coming up, not getting good playing time, lacking confidence), here's what we suggest: join a Scrimmage Class one time only where we can work with the player in real time.

Sometimes this approach has the quickest overnight affect on performance. Many kids when they play on the big field engage in what we call "social loafing" where's the other kids step up and make the big plays because they just aren't assertive. Such players may the lack any conviction when it comes to where they should be on the field and when the overall affect is that their skill and athletic ability looks diminished and this can lead to more problems.

Injecting Avila-certified trainers into scrimmages as we do, is very special way to connect. And they are hand picked by Coach Eryck because of their communications skills, so they give your child help and guidance in real time all while participating in the scrimmage themselves. Once your player has a better understanding of what decisions they could be making, they often seem faster and more skilled, and sometimes to immediate effect.

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