AUSD Digital Communications Internship Application (Returning Students)
This application is for students who have previously completed a full semester in the AUSD Digital Communications Internship Program. Due 1/3/18 at noon for Spring 2018 Semester.

For new students wishing to join, please complete the following application

The thoroughness of this application, combined with your prior work and commitment to the program, will be used to determine acceptance into the upcoming semester.

The Digital Communications Internship program works within the Arcadia Unified School District Communications and Public Information Department under the direction of the district's Public Information Officer Mr. Ryan Foran. The internship is open to all Arcadia High School students who are in good academic standing. Students with an interest in journalism, communications, video production, marketing, or public relations are encouraged to apply. Please complete the application in its entirety to be considered for an internship. The information provided will be used to determine if the applicant will be selected to advance to the interview stage. Ensure your information is accurate and thorough. You will be notified if you have been selected to interview. For help with the application or questions about the Digital Communications Internship, please email

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