"The true measure of your character is what you do when nobody's watching." - Charles Caleb Colton
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When I get angry with someone I am having a conflict with....I get even *
I have a difficult time staying in control *
I look for a way to compromise so we both win *
I try not to hold in my angry feelings *
I often deny being angry, even though I am *
I get so mad I break things *
I talk to someone I trust *
I walk away and do something enjoyable *
I find ways to relax *
I plan to have revenge in hidden, subtle ways *
I take out my angry feelings on everyone around me *
I release my anger by talking about it *
I hold in my feelings *
I attack the other person verbally or physically *
I count to ten until I cool off *
I do something physical to relieve the anger *
I write a letter, but don't send it *
I yell and scream and (possible curse) then feel bad *
I meditate, take a walk, etc. to clear my mind *
I give a little in order to solve the problem *
Restorative Practices At East Middle School
I show respect for teachers and staff in this school *
In school, I am encouraged to help work out my own problems *
Teachers and staff show me respect *
When people (students or adults) have problems at school, everyone is listened to *
If I harm, bully or get into a fight with someone at East, I get a chance to change my behavior and fix things. *
If someone harms me at this school, I am able to say how things can be made better *
At East, when someone does something wrong or harms others, all involved help decide how things can be made better *
When someone does something harmful, those involved help to decide how to avoid something similar in the future *
When a student causes harm, the main response by the school is punishment *
In our Boys Achieve Group, I would like to accomplish
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