Dynamics GP Partner Survey
Please provide answers to the following questions to the best of your knowledge. For questions call Michael Hollingsworth at 800-680-8484.
Email Address:
What two things worry you most about your business?
If I was able to do (write your answer below) my business would be more profitable.
What are the three biggest industries (business segments) that you serve? Please include percentage of business served. Example: Advertising-40%, Branding-30%, Sales-30%
What has changed in your business (or how you do business) over the last 3 years?
What do you do better than your competitors?
List anything your competitors do that you would like to do but can't.
What is your biggest challenge with selling Dynamics GP against non-GP software vendors?
What is the biggest challenge with keeping your GP customers happy?
What is the biggest challenge in working with Microsoft?
GP Add-on Solutions: Please indicate those solutions most requested or desired by your customers or prospects NOT currently included in GP.
How did you fill the feature gaps you checked above? Please list the solutions you checked followed by C=write customer code, I=sell ISV add-on solutions, or N=Work around in GP.
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