Dynamics GP Partner Survey
Please provide answers to the following questions to the best of your knowledge. For questions call Michael Hollingsworth at 800-680-8484.
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What two things worry you most about your business? *
If I was able to do (write your answer below) my business would be more profitable. *
What are the three biggest industries (business segments) that you serve? Please include percentage of business served. Example: Advertising-40%, Branding-30%, Sales-30% *
What has changed in your business (or how you do business) over the last 3 years? *
What do you do better than your competitors? *
List anything your competitors do that you would like to do but can't. *
What is your biggest challenge with selling Dynamics GP against non-GP software vendors? *
What is the biggest challenge with keeping your GP customers happy? *
What is the biggest challenge in working with Microsoft? *
GP Add-on Solutions: Please indicate those solutions most requested or desired by your customers or prospects NOT currently included in GP. *
How did you fill the feature gaps you checked above? Please list the solutions you checked followed by C=write customer code, I=sell ISV add-on solutions, or N=Work around in GP. *
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