Southernology® College Rep Application
We LOVE our Reps and can't wait to add YOU to our team! Fill out the application in full and we will get back to ya soon!
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What We Require
We LOVE our Reps and they are so important to us! Here is a brief description of what we require of our College Reps:
1. Be enthusiastic and engaged on the Southernology® Instagram and Twitter.

2. Post a MINIMUM of once per week on Instagram of you and/or friends wearing Southernology®

3. "Southernology® Rep" or "Southernology® College Rep" must be listed on your Instagram profile.

4. Follow us on all social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, FB, and Pinterest).

5. We ask for GOOD VIBES ONLY. Please keep your posts upbeat, fun, and always positive when talking about Southernology®!

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