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Is a member of your family a fraternity man? If so, please include relation of family member, chapter they're a member of, and the school they attended (e.g., "Yes- my father is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and was initiated at Texas Christian University").
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Please list any organizations you are involved in at Ashland University. If you are a first year student, please list activities you were involved in during high school. If you are a transfer student, please list activities you were involved in at your previous institution.
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Returning AU Students, please enter your AU Cumulative G.P.A.. First semester transfer students, please enter your cumulative G.P.A. from your previous institution. First semester freshmen, please enter your cumulative G.P.A. from high school.
Academic Record Release
IMPORTANT!! You must read and agree to the following terms before submitting this form.
I understand that to be eligible for Fraternity membership, I must be a regularly enrolled student in good standing with Ashland University with a cumulative GPA (from high school if a new student or from college if an upperclassmen or a transfer student) at or above the chapter's requirement. I authorize Ashland University's Fraternity and Sorority Life Office to verify my academic eligibility. By providing my electronic signature and clicking "SUBMIT” below, I agree to the terms listed above and allow my complete registration information to be made available to the Ashland University Fraternity and Sorority Life Office and the chapter I have identified on this form. *
Please know that each chapter has a minimum G.P.A. requirement. If you agree to the academic record release, your G.P.A. listed above will be verified and shared with the chapter presidents and recruitment chairs. (Note, chapters have the ability to make academic exceptions.)
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