BBB Ethical Athlete Nomination Form
Thank you for taking the time to nominate a deserving Arizona student athlete for BBB’s Ethical Athlete scholarship, presented by Isagenix. Anyone can nominate a student - coach, teacher, teammate, relative or friend. Please review the nomination criteria and requirements before completing the nomination form below.

Nomination Criteria:
1. Arizona high school freshman, sophomore, junior or senior
2. Currently eligible to play sports
3. One nomination per student athlete per month
- Number of nominations does not affect outcome
- Nominators are encouraged to update nominations and resubmit should student not be selected during month nominated

Nomination Requirements:
BBB is looking for nominations that highlight a student athlete’s ethical compass and willingness to do the right thing, even in the most difficult situations. Examples may include situations on and off the playing field and should demonstrate the student’s character and their influence on others – teammates, coaches, or fans.

Judges are looking for nominations that:
1. Share a compelling story highlighting the student athlete’s character
2. Demonstrate how the student overcame a challenging ethical dilemma
3. Show the student’s impact and influence on others to do the right thing

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Please share why the student should be the next BBB Ethical Athlete. Share the student’s story and let us know challenges faced and how their character and moral compass helped them overcome adversity. (250 Word Limit) *
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