Thank you for participating in the Visit Utah GeoTour!!
The Visit Utah GeoTour is sponsored by the Utah Office of Tourism. In order to keep this program going and well supplied with patches, coins, and patch displays, we would greatly appreciate getting a little information about what you did in this county while you were caching!

Please be sure to also log your finds online. Attach a unique picture taken by you at each geocache location to each of your found logs!! Your logs will be verified by our Visit Utah GeoTour crew.

Patch Availability
We try to keep the patches in stock. Sometimes they still run out. The question that asks which county you are requesting a patch for will indicate if any patches are currently out of stock. Please finish completing the form. Your patch will be mailed to you when we get more patches.
Although not required for a patch, if you are working toward the bigger prizes, remember each found log needs to have attached a unique picture taken by you at the cache site. See the bottom of any Visit Utah Geotour cache page or for details.
Coin & Jacket Request
This form is only to request patches. If you have found three caches in at least 10 counties or all 29 (Amazing!!!), use this request form
How many times do I have to complete this form? Potentially 29, once for each county

In addition to verifying the codes you found in each cache, this form is used to collect some data about your experience in each county. It is not intended for you to complete the form 29 times in a row in one sitting. That would be excruciatingly tedious. It would also lead to less accurate data as you would just be trying to get done.

Many cachers have asked why don't we set up a database so the personal information doesn't have to be entered each time. Any kind of online database costs money. We are trying to save the whole budget to keep caches stocked with swag and to provide nice rewards. This form is free.Thanks for understanding.

Recording Responses
Remember your responses will not be saved unless you hit the "Submit" button at the end of the survey.
Thank You!
We would like to thank the members of the Utah Association of Geocaching (UTAG) for beta testing this form.
The information collected in this survey will not be used for any purpose beyond the Utah GeoTour. Personal information including email will not be sold to third parties, nor will the Office of Toursim use it for its own marketing purposes. Utah GeoTour staff will use it to deliver earned prizes and for any questions regarding those claims. The primary use of the information will be determining how beneficial the GeoTour is to tourism in Utah.
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