Arcbees support offering improvements
To help us improve our support offering as well as the quality of our support, please consider reading!/support before starting this survey.

Important points to remember:
- When you purchase support packages, you also purchase an NDA, ensuring that all info exchanged is confidential.
- Depending on the support package, our SLA ensures support response times.
- We support older versions of our open source products up to 2 years after the release of a newer version.
What is your role in the company? *
What kinds of devices does your app run on? *
Were you previously aware ArcBees offered support packages for our products? *
Meaning, before you read the message that led you to this survey.
Are any of the support packages a good fit for your organization/project? *
Please consult!/support to learn more about package details.
If you answered No to the previous question, why?
Does our website make the support packages clear and easy to understand? *
If you answered No to the previous question, why?
Would you purchase a "Starter" package at 99$ /mo. giving you get legacy support + 1 advisory hour or support case? *
Would you be interested in customizing your support package? (Response time, advisory hours, support cases) *
Do you have any suggestions to help us improve our offering?
Where did you learn about us? *
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