Liability Release Form
The undersigned Arcade Comedy Theater student (and his or her parents or guardian if the student is a minor) hereby unconditionally releases and forever discharges the Arcade Comedy Theater, and its officers, Board members, employees, and agents from any and all damages, cost liabilities, obligations and claims whether arising from negligence or otherwise and of other injury of any kind, which may be sustained during or by reason of enrollment for study at the Arcade Comedy Theater from this date through August 2016.

Some of the activities engaged in at the Arcade Comedy Theater are physically strenuous and only students who are medically able to participate should do so. Regardless of the cause, the student (or parents or guardian) assumes full responsibility for all risks of accident and personal injury that may result from participation in Arcade Comedy Theater activities. The Arcade Comedy Theater assumes no responsibility or liability with respect to the student's injuries which are sustained as the result of deficiencies in the student's physical health.

The Arcade Comedy Theater staff reserves the right to dismiss or otherwise discipline any person whose behavior is not acceptable or endangers the safety of themselves or others. Unacceptable behavior includes verbal harassment, physical assault or sexual abuse, and the use or possession of alcohol. The use, purchase or sale of any illegal substances at the Arcade Comedy Theater is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. If anyone is involved in any activity associated with these substances or devices, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted to deal with the situation. No refunds will be made in the event of such disciplinary action. Costs incurred by the Arcade Comedy Theater in a disciplinary action will be the responsibility of the participant, Parent or Guardian.

The Undersigned has read the Release and attached rules, fully understands it and agrees to be legally bound by it and the rules of the Arcade Comedy Theater.

Permission is hereby granted to the Arcade Comedy Theater to use photographs, films/video, quotations, and/or voice recording of the undersigned participant to assist in its community awareness, educational efforts, and related publicity purposes.

It is hereby stipulated that such use of said photographs, films/video, quotations, and/or voice recordings will not violate the rights of the named individual, his/her legal representatives, nor his/her respective heirs, and I do hereby indemnify and hold harmless any agents, servants, employees, and/or representatives of the Arcade Comedy Theater from any and all claims, demands, and/or causes of action of whatever kind or nature arising from the use of photographs, films/videos, quotations, and/or voice recordings or their actions taken pursuant to this authority.

I further agree that I waive any right to compensation, fee, or royalty for myself, my successors, heirs, or assigns for the production or use of the aforesaid materials.

Further, it is hereby stipulated and agreed that Arcade Comedy Theater will not incur any liability for payment to any person or organization as a result of the stated use of the aforesaid photographs, films/video, quotations, and/or voice recordings of the named individual.

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