Taking Attendance

On Your Phone

And on your computer

Step 1: Login

From your phone’s browser…
go to arapahoumc.org to login
select the myAUMC button

Fill in your correct info

Select “Sign In”

Select Your Groups

Select “Your Groups”

Groups You Lead...

Select the correct group you would like to take attendance for

In this case, “Aaron’s Sample Class”

Click the “Take Attendance” Button

Enter Attendance from Mobile Phone

1: Make sure your date/time/occurrence is correct…

2: Then simply press the name of the person. Release and they highlight.

Once done, click the “Save Attendance” button

Enter Attendance from Web Browser

Follow the same steps to select your group...

Select the “Attendance” Tab.

Select the correct occurrence/date

Select the “Enter Attendance Button”

Enter Attendance from Web Browser contd.

Select the attendees by clicking the check box on the left

Once all are selected, click “Save Attendance” button at bottom

Need A Little More Help? - Watch This Video

One Note: InFellowship is the product we call myAUMC

And Lastly...

On the days that there is a scheduled meeting for the group, by the end of that day you should receive an email asking you to take attendance.

If you click the link and login, it takes you right to the attendance page.

Taking Attendance From Your Phone - Google Slides