VIDEO BULLETINS - SLIDE REQUESTS Chapel Programs Office (626) 812 - 3088 Your announcement will be displayed on the Chapel video screens prior to worship and after chapel ends in all chapel locations. Please submit this form with your graphic attached to: by 12:00 noon at least three working days before desired airtime date. All requests should be sized 1280x720 in wide screen (16x9) format. We accept .jpeg, .png, and .tiff file formats. Please be sure that all text is title safe. If sending a powerpoint slide, please be aware that Chapel Programs will need to charge the $15 rate to reformat your slide and make any necessary changes.. We reserve the right to edit all entries. Maximum of 6 lines - 6 words per line. Fees: $10.00 per day, per advertisement $15.00 per day, per advertisement, if graphic creation is needed Maximum of 4 days airtime
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If you are not sending your slide to the Chapel Programs Office at APU, please provide the information you would like to have on your slide

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