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Instructions for using this tool:
* Free your mind of all external influences.
* It is important to answer the way you feel, not the way that you think others (bosses, spouses, parents, teachers) would like you to answer.
* There are no correct answers; the best answer is the one that is most honest for you.
*Answer quickly, and when in doubt go with your first instinct.

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Your answer
1. When you come to a new situation you usually
2. Do you think people should be more
3. When you come to an uncertain situation
4. Would you say you are
5. Do you spend most of your time
6. It is better to
7. Is it worse to
8. Do you prefer when things are
9. After a day spent with a lot of people do you
10. When you need to get something important done, you prefer to
11. Which is a bigger compliment?
12. When it comes to time, are you more likely to
13. When you are in a group do you usually
14. Are you more interested in
15. When you look at two things, you mostly notice
16. Do you tend to get along better with
17. Most other people seem to see you as
18. When it comes to work that is very exact and detailed
19. When your friends disagree, it is more important to you
20. When you get-up in the morning
21. When it comes to using the phone
22. When you work on group projects, do you prefer
23. Others often describe you as a
24. Which is more your way
25. When you talk to strangers you've just met you
26. When it comes to work you
27. Is it worse to be
28. Would you rather have things
29. When it comes to news at school, you seem
30. Are you more likely to trust
31. I prefer teachers who are more
32. Is it more your way to
33. Which is more true of you? do you
34. Games would be more fair if kids
35. Is it usually easier for you to tell
36. Which is the more useful ability
37. At a party or gathering
38. Do you think more about
39. It is more your way to
40. You are the kind of person who
41. When you get done with an assignment
42. Things would be better if people were
43. Would you say you are more concerned with
44. It is better that people
45. Friday night after a long week you usually
46. When you do a job, it's usually your approach to
47. When you tell a story, you mostly talk about
48. You feel most comfortable when things are more
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