Cosplay Masquerade Signup Form
** IMPORTANT: Once you apply you are AUTOMATICALLY 100% accepted, so do not wait on an email to confirm. We will ONLY email you if there are problems with your application and to inform you what needs changing and this will typically be done within 2-3 days. No email - no problem! **

Everyone is welcome and you can signup beforehand or on the day at the signups desk next to stage.

We recommend to pre-signup to a) Guarantee Entry to the Masquerade b) Give you the option of having your own music if you wish (if you signup on the day you DONT get this option - it will be to something generic) and c) Gives you the option of doing your own skit if you wish to (on the day signups can not do a pre-planned skit if there are a lot of entries to save on time).
If you wish to enter simply fill in this form as best you can and submit it to us.

Important Notes

- Please arrive 30 minutes before the Masquerade.
- Any costume is allowed, including original character. To qualify for the prize it must be based off of costumes from film, anime, video games, music, TV, comics, books or theatre.
- If you have a prop or weapon make sure to read the props/weapons rules. You can read the full rules and judging criteria here:

If you have any questions, please email us at

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(OPTIONAL) Are you doing a skit/short performance?
Please provide details and any requirements - Skits must be no more than 2 minutes in length
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If this is blank you'll go on to generic/general music. Please provide a youtube link to the music you'd like us to play. If you only have it as a MP3 then please email it to
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(OPTIONAL) List 3 distinctive things about your costume
Maybe something you handmade, or why you selected the character, etc. This helps our judges.
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(OPTIONAL) Anything Else? Reference Picture (if unusual character)?
Is there anything else we should be aware of? Please put them here. If your character is not mainstream then please also provide a reference picture link for the judges.
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