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Stream Server Settings
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Select the geographic region closest to where you expect the bulk of your listener base to tune in
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How do you want your streaming server to identify itself to media players?
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Bit Rate *
Select the quality of your Internet Radio Station's Broadcasts
Icecast Admin Authentication *
An authentication token to enter the online Icecast Streaming Server administration panel, example: d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997
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Icecast Source Authentication *
An authentication token which stream encoders will use to connect to the Icecast Streaming Server, example: 828d338a9b04221c9cbe286f50cd389f68de4ecf
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Google Analytics
Your Radio Player page will optionally log all visitors with Google Analytics and your Icecast Streaming Service is also optionally able to notify Google Analytics when people tune into and leave your stream. Please note raw log files give a much more accurate figure of listeners, the duration of listens and bandwidth consumption, these can be downloaded from the server and should be used when calculating total listening hours.
Google Analytics Tracking ID
Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID (should look like UA-12345678-1), to find the tracking code, tracking ID, or property number in your Analytics account:Sign in to your Analytics account.Select the Admin tab.Select an account from the dropdown in the ACCOUNT column.Select a property from the dropdown in the PROPERTY column.Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
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Twitter Automatic Posting
Twitter Username
What is your Twitter username, for example: @SMSKeywords this will be used in the radio player and will appear when people Tweet from the page.
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Twitter Consumer Key
To automate posts to Twitter you need a Twitter application. 1: goto 2: fill in the details 3: click Create your Twitter application 4: click on the tab that says Keys and Access Tokens 5: copy the Consumer Key (API Key) value and paste it below.
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Twitter Consumer Secret
This is from the same page and is also required to enable automatic posting to your Twitter feed. The Consumer Secret (API Secret) value needs copying and pasting below.
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Twitter Access Token
On the same page, scroll down, click Create my access token, this will generate the Access Token value you need to copy and paste below.
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Twitter Access Token Secret
In the same section on the page you will see the Access Token Secret value to paste below.
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Facebook Automatic Posting
Facebook App ID
1: goto 2: click My Apps 3: click Add 4: select website 5: enter the name of your app 6: click Create New Facebook App ID 7: select category Music 8: Confirm by clicking Create App 9: Enter the code to confirm you're not a robot 10: click Skip Quick Start. Your APP ID will be visable at the top of the screen
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Facebook App Secret
On the same page you will also find your Facebook App Secret
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Facebook Page ID
Your Page ID may be in the web address for your page: if your Page ID isn't in the web address for your page: 1: goto your page 2: Click the More icon under your main page image 3: Click Edit Page Info 4: Click See All Information. Your Page ID is at the very bottom of the page
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Facebook Page Access Token
To generate a Facebook Page Access Token which never expires follow this excellent guide
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TuneIn Automatic Posting
TuneIn's AIR is their Broadcaster API. It offers several methods to allow broadcasters and other publishers to send playlist information to TuneIn in real time. When you implement the AIR API with your Streaming Server, your listeners will:

Discover your station by searching for artists or songs commonly played
Browse station playlist history on TuneIn mobile and

Please refer to for instructions on how to get the required values to enable this feature on your server.

When you email TuneIn with your request for API credentials please tell them you are using my service, and notify them your server will identify itself as "" when sending meta data.

TuneIn Station ID
Begins with an S. To locate your Station ID search for your station or program on From the resulting URL, use the last set of digits for your Station ID. For example, if your URL is: Your station ID would be 's######'.
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TuneIn Partner ID
This value comes from TuneIn, they will email it to you once you've requested access to their Broadcaster API.
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TuneIn Partner Key
This value also comes from TuneIn, it will be in the same email as your TuneIn Partner ID.
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Hosted Radio Player Custom DNS
Your Streaming Server comes with one IP address, you can mask this IP address with your own domain name or sub-domain, for example stationstrea.ext or stream.stationname.ext, to enable this feature you need to create a DNS A Name receord which points to your server's IP address. Your IP address will be emailed to you once your server has been setup.
Domain or Sub-Domain
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Advanced Configuration
If you would like me to pre-configure your Icecast Server with a custom icecast.xml please paste the XML you would like me to use here.
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What happens next?
Once I have received your completed Streaming Server Setup Survey I will provision a server for you, then log in and configure it with the details above: then I'll email you the server's details and the IP address to set your encoding software to point to.
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