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Amboy CUSD #272 Building & Grounds Survey
The Amboy CUSD #272 will be receiving funds to upgrade our buildings/facilities, thanks to the majority of our Lee County Voters who voted in favor of the 1% Sales Tax. Funds will begin coming to our district in November, 2017.

At the same time, the building that houses our junior high students (grades 5-8) continues to age. For decades, the Amboy CUSD #272 has completed the REQUIRED facility upgrades to remain in compliance with our 10-year Health/Life/Safety Plans.

Every 10 years, an architect is required to walk through each building and list required or recommended Health/Life Safety Upgrades that must be completed WITHIN 10 years, depending on the nature of the upgrade.

If a school district fails to complete the tasks on the HLS Plan within the 10 years, the state would close the building. We have consistently stayed within our means and completed the repairs that were required by building codes and state statutes. Unfortunately, there is much more that needs to be done.

Here's the reality:

--Many repairs at the junior high school call for parts that are obsolete. These parts take a long time to manufacture from scratch and are very expensive. Students and teachers have been displaced from their classrooms for months at a time due to these issues.

--Some classrooms have only 1 electrical outlet. This is not conducive 21st Century Learning.

--The floor of the junior high gymnasium can no longer be sanded or refurbished, because it has been sanded as far as it can go.

--Windows in many classrooms at the junior high school can't be opened.

--Unitvents and air handlers are very expensive to replace.

--Our most recent board-approved 10-year Health/Life/Safety Plan calls for an additional $2.1 million in facility upgrades between now and 2024. The board of education is evaluating whether or not it is fiscally responsible to continue investing millions of dollars into this building.

We take pride in the students we serve. We also have a responsibility to equip our students with the 21st Century Skills they will need when they graduate with the best facilities we can offer. As a district, we are trying to determine our best course of action based on your feedback.

The funds we receive from the Lee County 1% Sales Tax are based on student enrollment. Amboy would receive ~$348,000 a year. This figure can increase or decrease, which depends solely on student enrollment. Unfortunately, these funds would not cover the cost of adding an extension to Amboy High School to create a junior/senior high school with an additional gymnasium.

Because we value our taxpayers as well as the students we serve, the board of education would like feedback to assist us with short-term and long-term planning. We ESTIMATE the cost of an extension to AHS to be ~$13 million. Your response to this survey will provide us with the direction we need for future planning. Your responses will ALSO determine WHETHER OR NOT the board of education passes a resolution to place a General Obligation Bond on the March, 2018 Primary Ballot. If our survey results garnish enough support to place the referendum question on the ballot, the board of education will apply a portion of the 1% Sales Tax Funds for tax abatement purposes. Please answer the following questions:

1. Would you be in favor of closing Amboy Junior High School to add an extension to Amboy High School to create a 5-12 jr/sr high school? *
3. Concerning the Amboy CUSD 272 future with facilities, what other recommendations do you have? *
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2. Would you support the District pursuing a $13 million General Obligation Bond (building bond) for the March, 2018 primary, which would allow the district to build the extension? *
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