Wind Energy Condition Monitoring Survey
Wouldn´t it be good to know in advance if something is not going as should be with your wind turbine and repair it before it becomes serious and causes unplanned downtime?

With ACMWind you can get the most of your rotating machinery, listening to what it tells you! Funded by Horizon 2020 framework program and coordinated by INESCO and other four institutions and European companies (Relex Italia, IKnowHow, TWI and Brunel University), ACMWind is a low-cost condition monitoring system for wind turbine rotating machinery.

Based on acoustic principles, this condition monitoring system is able to detect faults in the rotating machinery of wind turbines at an early stage.

In order to better define software and hardware specifications we kindly request you to complete the following form. It will not take more than 5 minutes and your contribution will be highly valuable for ACMWind development.

Thank you for your support,
ACMWind Team

Your wind turbines generally have a condition monitoring system for the rotating machinery?
If so, are they incorporated in the acquisition phase or are they added later?
And who sells them?
Which techniques does the currently predictive maintenance system use?
4. Approximately, what percentage of maintenance costs corresponds to corrective maintenance?
Until now, are you satisfied with the reliability of the condition monitoring systems currently in use?
How would you rate the incorporation of a condition monitoring system in parallel to the one in use in order to increase the probability of failure detection in the rotating components (gearbox, main bearing ...)?
Not Interesting
Very Interesting
Would it be possible to access power output and wind speed SCADA data in the nacelle?
Could an equipment installed in the nacelle communicate with the control room via Ethernet?
If yes, how could these data be provided?
If case of Ethernet is not available, would be available other protocols to communicate? Which one?
Your answer
For which components, do you think a predictive maintenance system of this type would be useful?
Would you consider this system for:
What is the cost per wind turbine of a condition monitoring system that would be acceptable for you?
Who do you think would be more interested to purchase such a system?
Would be interesting an online data analysis service or would it be preferable to train the maintenance operators for data interpretation?
Does your maintenance service currently have specialized personnel dedicated to the operation of the condition monitoring systems or is it a service provided by an external supplier ?
In case of having specialized personnel, are they exclusive or do they share this activity with other tasks?
What type of Company do you work for?
What is your job title?
(optional) Which Company do you work for?
Your answer
Any comments that might be of interest for the development of this system?
Your answer
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