Please take a moment to review the following BikeMobile eligibility requirements before continuing:

- Your event, site, or group must be located in Alameda County;
- It must be free or provide fee waivers for youth of low-income households;
- Youth must be able to bike to your site;
- The School Principal or Site Director must have granted permission to host the visit.

Funded by the Alameda County Transportation Commission and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, BikeMobile partners with the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools program to reach low-income youth and families, providing them with free bike repairs and educational workshops.

Our skilled mechanics value when we can educate students on how to fix their own bikes. Therefore, when you apply, we kindly request that you identify someone who will assist us in promoting the event and conduct intake during the first hour of our visit. We are limited to fixing between 20 and 40 bikes per visit. Having students sign-up in advance guarantees that the first 20 bikes will be fixed.

The BikeMobile coordinator will provide outreach fliers and sign-up forms. Any bikes exceeding our limit will be placed on a waitlist. Your site may be eligible for an additional visit if enough students are on the waitlist, pending availability to be determined by the SR2S program. Contact your Site Coordinator if you are interested.