PE Wavier
Physical Education Class Waiver Disclaimer: In order to participate in the Avon Lake City School District's Physical Education waiver program, the student and parent/guardian will need to adhere to the following requirements:

1. Successfully complete 2 full seasons of an activity in good standing during 2 different school years. The student may NOT use the waiver for their senior year.
2. Students must complete 1 additional activity for each year of the waiver in order for the waiver to be considered completed in full.
3. Understand that the PE credit is not earned, it is waived. Students must earn 0.5 credits by taking an additional course.
4. The Avon Lake City School District reserves the right to modify or revoke this wavier program at any time.

By checking the box titled "Agree" you are indicating that you fully understand the requirements and expectations listed above.

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