AFHS Preschool Registration
Thank you for your interest in Cavekids Preschool!

Registration for the 2020-2021 school year will open May 1st!

Cavekids Preschool accepts children that are 3-5 years of age AND potty trained.

Please review the registration packet for more detailed information on our preschool:

Upon submitting your registration you will receive one of two emails from me:
1. An email confirming your child has a spot in Cavekids Preschool. This spot is secured by paying the $25 registration fee online or at the school finance office (fee is paid after July 1st and before September 1st).

2. An email stating we are currently FULL, and asking that you reply back IF you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Thank you for your support of our program!
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Person who may be called in case of illness or emergency if neither parent or guardian may be reached. Please include name, relationship and home/cell number.
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Only persons designated will be able to pick up your child. Please include name, relationship, and home/cell phone number.
Child's Physician's Name *
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Does your child have any physical problems (seizures, asthma, diabetes, allergies, drug reactions, etc.?) If so, please describe and give instructions for the care of the above mentioned problem. *
In case of serious emergency or illness, when the parents cannot be reached immediately, I hereby authorize the child care provider to obtain emergency medical care and to obtain or provide emergency medical transportation. Further, I understand that it is a training program for students attending American Fork High School. I realize that the high school students will have experiences in teaching and caring for my child(ren) under the supervision of the adult coordinator, director and assistants. *
What is your child's shirt size (in kid sizes) ?
Immunization paperwork must be completed and turned in to Ms. Fish *before* your child can come to preschool. Immunization paperwork may be mailed to the school (Attention: Ms. Fish), given directly to Ms. Fish or pictures of the immunization forms can be emailed to Ms. Fish ( If you drop off immunization forms at the front office I would snap a few pictures beforehand so you have a copy just incase. *
By signing your electronic signature below you commit to let Ms. Fish know as soon as possible ( if your plans change and you no longer desire your child to participate in Cavekids Preschool for the 2020-2021 school year. We have a wait list each year and knowing who is no longer interested will help us enroll other interested children. If you agree to do this, please sign below. *
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