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Mysteries from Ultima
During this lab, students will learn how to solve a CSI mystery. They will use these same skills to analyze clues in the solar system to form their own hypothesis as to how it formed long, long ago. They will explore the geology of a newly explored dwarf planet called Ultima Thule. Concepts of mountain building and erosion will be introduced/reviewed as students make their conclusions about the early days of the solar system. Additionally, the concepts of gravity and inertia will be introduced/reviewed as students in order to finalize their hypotheses.
Mars Critter
Through this lab, students will first investigate the various ecosystems on Mars. Students will then make connections of what kind of organism might survive in these conditions. Then they will design an organism with traits that would help it endure and flourish. Students will also predict how their organism will coexist or compete with another organism. Topics of study include energy, gravity, states of matter, weather & climate, volcanoes, seasons, and erosion.
16 Psyche, a Journey to the Center of the Earth
This lab takes students in an expedition to the Earth’s core. Due to the extreme heat and pressure, direct exploration even below the crust isn’t possible. So, we will turn our sights into space to answer questions about the depths of the Earth. We’ll follow a rocket liftoff in 2022 to reach 16 Psyche, the only known 95% metal asteroid. During this lab, students will review how to read and interpret a graph and analyze how temperature and pressure vary with depth. Students will also use principles of gravity and inertia to predict how NASA should send its probe from Earth to 16 Psyche.
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