Claims Form: Cosmetics & Toiletries Magazine (9 issues per year)

Please note: All information on this Claims Form must be filled out completely in order to process your claim.

Once your claim is approved by our staff, please allow 4 – 6 weeks for domestic, 8 – 10 weeks for international to receive the issue. We will not accept duplicate claims, claims made over three months of issue month or claiming an issue too early.

Please see below:
1. You may claim up to three months for an issue. If you wait longer than three months, we cannot guarantee replacement. Example: a missing June issue can be claimed until September the same year.

2. A claim can be submitted no sooner than the middle of the following month. Example: June issue can be claimed in mid-July. If a claim is made too early, we cannot process it. The reason is because international delivery can take 6 weeks or more.

3. All information must be completely filled out in order for us to process your claim.

4. We will accept up to three claims in one calendar year. If there is an issue with delivery, please e-mail us a different shipping address. The digital issue is free when purchasing both print and digital and this can be used as your back-up to print. The digital edition is free when purchasing print. The digital issue is your back-up to the print.

5. Disclaimer: Allured Business Media cannot control the delivery of our magazines in your country and therefore, delivery cannot be guaranteed. We will do our best to provide an accurate label for shipping based on the information you provide us.

If you do not already subscribe to digital and you have paid for the print, we will be happy to add digital which will be delivered to your e-mail address.
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