Facilities Request
This is a request to reserve and rent space from the Algona Community School District. Completion of this form does not guarantee the building space is reserved. An employee from Central Administration will contact you to confirm or deny this request. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance.

1. Complete and submit this application.
2. Person of contact listed on this form will be contacted by a Central Administration employee to receive approval or to deny the request. This person of contact will be asked to come to Central Administration and sign the rental/billing agreement, or will receive an email contract to electronically sign and return.
3. If approved, the building use request will be placed on the master calendar, and necessary department heads/administration will be notified by Central Administration.
4. The Central Administration office will complete paperwork and bill the responsible party.

CONDITIONS: Code No. 905.1 R 1
By completing this request, you agree to the following conditions:
1. The school reserves the right to reschedule rental agreements due to rescheduling of school events.
2. Absolutely NO tobacco products and NO drinking of alcoholic beverages on school premises.
3. No use of any part of the facility except as stated on this form.
4. No use of any equipment except as stated on this form.
5. The rental applicant may not have access to the building except for the time stated on this form.
6. The rental applicant is liable for any damage done to the building, equipment, or premises during the rental period.
7. After a school district facility, site, or equipment has been used by an entity, cleaning (including restoring the facility site or equipment to the condition it was in prior to its use) will be done by employees assisted by a committee from the entity. The fee charged to the entity for the use of the facility, site, or equipment will include these costs. However, if excessive costs are involved in cleaning or otherwise restoring the facility, site, or equipment to the condition it was in prior to its use, the board reserves the right to charge the entity for these excessive costs.
8. A condition of this rental is that the school district is released by the party renting from any claims in tort or contract by the parties renting from any claims arising from the rental and further the renting parties agree to indemnify and hold harmless the school district from any third-party claims arising from renting the facilities.

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