No Fracking in Prestwich and Bury
Help us keep Bury and Prestwich Fracking Free
On 17 December 2015, the Government’s ‘Oil and Gas Agency’ announced a further 157 license areas across the country for ‘onshore oil and gas’ exploration, normally expected to be ‘Fracking’.

License area 70, which includes a part of Prestwich and then right across through Farnsworth and Bolton has been awarded to Hutton Energy Ltd for exploration.

Fracking, or ‘Hydraulic Fracturing’ is where underground rock is fractured by the high pressure injection of ‘fracking fluid’ to create cracks underground where natural gas can be released.

Residents will be aware of campaigners in many other parts of the country (e.g. in Lancashire) being very opposed to fracking sites near them.

Although only a part of Prestwich is covered by the new license, there are a number of concerns for us:
- the area covered is in our Green Belt - land which has been left as green and recreational land
- much of the area, and the area under Prestwich is covered with old mining shafts and diggings, and many areas have suffered from subsidence in the past.

Fracking is a controversial subject - there is more information about the environmental impact that Fracking can have at the Greenpeace website here.
I/We the undersigned want to express our concern and opposition about fracking in the Prestwich Area.
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