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SecretLayer Brings a New Level of Security To Files with Ground-breaking Steganography Technology

In a world where data is increasingly being hosted and accessed online, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and protected from attackers has become a top priority for many computer scientists. The makers of SecretLayer have harnessed this growing field of computing and created one of the most comprehensive consumer steganography suites to date, bringing true data security to the average user.


9 November, 2012 -- With the release of SecretLayer, secure, reliable data protection has finally become available to the general population. This new software application uses advanced encryption and steganography algorithms to allow even the casual user to conceal their sensitive communications inside regular image files. SecretLayer is able not only to encrypt data, but to hide it in a very difficult to detect way by using the advanced technique of cold steganography.


Though many applications in the past have attempted to fill this vitally important niche, all have had serious faults which prevented them from gaining traction in the general market. Whether it was failing to support the most popular image formats, having an interface that was inaccessible to any but experts in the field, or embedding the data in the image file without an extra layer of encryption, each has had a shortcoming which SecretLayer has targeted with its professional design.


The result is a clean, easy-to-use application that provides corporate-grade security features. Data concealed with SecretLayer can be spread across multiple image files for increased protection, granting an additional layer of security beyond its unique steganography algorithm which allows for data transmission without an appreciable effect on the size of the container images.


Perhaps the most important feature of this new data hiding software is that it allows for a level of discretion that was not before possible for casual internet surfers. As stated on the SecretLayer website at , "every time you send encrypted files, you're taking a risk: you draw attention to the data inside." Data which is sent in a discrete encrypted stream can be easily identified by sniffing technologies, which can draw suspicion and cause deeper probing that uncovers the confidential information.


With steganography, third parties are not even aware that a confidential transmission has taken place. For this reason, SecretLayer is more than just a new novelty on the internet landscape; this ability to provide the highest level of protection makes it an important step forward in the battle for digital privacy rights.



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