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Ministry Support exists to provide assistance to the ministries of Victory World Church. It’s role is partner with ministries to direct, develop, and equip students with hands-on experience to further enhance their qualities or skill-sets in real-life opportunities.

Ministry Support Coordinators:
Tay Williams & Logan Stotler


1. When will I receive the students that were requested?

You will receive the students you have requested based upon when you said you needed them, as well as availability. You will be notified via email from what time you will be receiving the people you requested if it differs from the time they were requested.

2. How will I know if my request has been approved?

Your requests should be assumed approved unless told otherwise. If we cannot approve your request, you will be contacted via email explaining why we could not approve your Ministry Support request with possible solutions to the problem in a timely manner.

3. How will you follow-up or communicate about my request?

You will receive a confirmation email when you submit a Ministry Support request. From there, your request is will be considered approved unless you receive a follow up email or text from the Ministry Support department in a timely manner.

4. When is the deadline to submitting a request?

The deadline to submitting Ministry Support request is 11:00AM the day you need the request.

5. How are Ministry Support requests approval determined?

Ministry Support requests are approved based on priority. Example: The main priority for an assistant is working with their lead. Another example would be if it is "Experience: College Preview Days", then our admissions department will become first priority.

6. Can I request specific people?

Specific people can be requested based upon what task needs to be accomplished. If you do not need specific people we will send you who is available. If you need specific people you will receive them based upon priority. If there is a conflict with schedules or requests, the Ministry Support Department will notify you.

7. What if I need someone with a specific skill-set?

If you need someone with a specific skill-set, you can specify the skill-set in the description of the job. We will do our best to give you people who would be able to assist you or someone you would be able to help DEVELOP in that specific skill-set.

8. How early can I submit a FYI and Ministry Support request?

You can submit a Ministry Support request up to two days in advance up until 11:00 AM the day the request is needed

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