OWL Video Conference Reservation Request

OWL Network will be down for maintenance June 10-14. No conferences can be scheduled that week. Please remember to turn your endpoints on for the week. If you need to make special arrangement please contact Video Conferencing Services at ua-owlvideo@alaska.edu To schedule a video conference using the Alaska OWL Network, please submit a reservation request at least 48 hours in advance to allow for the setup and testing time needed to ensure we can support your request. Alaska public libraries are open at varied hours, and this lead time will ensure that the requested sites can determine if they are available for the desired date and time. If your request involves any locations outside the OWL system, please allow 7 days in advance to confirm reservations. Once the preparations for your video conference are complete, you will be contacted by a Video Technician to verify the arrangements. It is possible for events to happen spontaneously, every effort will be made to accommodate last minute requests. If you have a question, please contact Video Conferencing Services at 1-800-910-9601, then press #, and press 1. To join an OPEN video conference listed on the calendar, please e-mail Video Conferencing Services at ua-owlvideo@alaska.edu
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