UAF EHSRM Employee Safety Orientation
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Quiz: New Employee Orientation
Choose the correct answers for each question.
1) What consequences might you face for reporting an incident or unsafe condition? *
2. Who should you contact with questions about disposals of chemicals, batteries, or biohazards? *
3. What are the leading causes of injuries resulting in Worker Compensation? *
4. Which of the following areas would NOT be a concern for the UAF EHSRM Industrial Hygiene program? *
5. Where do you submit an Occupational Injury or Illness (typically referred to as a Workman's Comp Form)? *
6. An "Incident / Accident Report" should be filed with EHSRM when an accident results in __________? *
7. An "Unsafe Condition Report" should be filed with EHSRM when you notice or witness a __________? *
8. What should you do if a student or visitor is injured in your department? *
9. When must you notify EHSRM if you or an injured coworker is transported to the hospital? *
10) When might you need an ergonomic assessment? *
11) The BEST way to report an unsafe condition is to: *
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