Group Protocol
Do you agree of disagree with the following statements
Goals: All group members should have a discussion before beginning the project to make sure goals and reasons for being involved are compatible. Any variances should be discussed openly.
Leaders: Groups are most productive when everyone participates and contributes freely, and an ongoing discussion takes place to ensure that all members understand the vision. Sometimes this requires a facilitator.
Decisions: Consensus is the best method of group decision making.
Scheduling: Group members should be understanding of other’s outside obligations, based on everyone’s good-faith commitment to the group and participation in the group’s activities. Members are responsible for fulfilling their obligations to the group and communicating when they must deviate from the plan or schedule.
Cooperation: Conflicts should be addressed immediately, directly, professionally, and without personal criticism, in order to prevent them from escalating.If one group member is not pulling his or her weight, the other group members should approach that person together.
Evaluation: Completion of stated tasks is important only in that it demonstrates group learning and participation.
Grades: Everyone in the group should receive two grades for the project: a group grade based on the tasks that were achieved and an individual grade based on collaboration participation.
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