Tourism Pre-Survey
Welcome to Tourism 1!
First Name: *
If you could choose any travel destination (country, city, landmark, etc.) where would you go? Choose one. *
In a couple sentences, describe your destination. How does it sound, smell, and feel? *
If you asked a local why they choose to live there, what would they say?
Setting the Coordinates
Could you find your destination on a map? *
Which continent is it on? *
If you traveled in July, what would the weather be like?
What is the easiest way to arrive at your destination? *
What is the primary mode of transportation at your destination? (How do the locals get around?) *
List a cultural attraction located at your destination *
Do you speak the local language? *
Would you need to dress differently while you're there (cultural sensitivity, religious rules, etc.)? If yes, please explain.
What currency do the locals use? *
Exchange Rate - Is the US dollar worth more or less than the local currency?
How much do you think it would cost to visit your destination for 2 weeks (including travel, housing, and food)? *
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