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A foster home provides a temporary home for animals in need. The length of fostering can vary from a few days to several months depending on the amount of care needed. Fostering gives an animal a better chance to adopted into a loving home and can be a highly rewarding volunteer experience. The Alachua County Humane Society (ACHS) will provide food, supplies, and any necessary medications for the animal. If you are approved, we will keep your application on file and contact you when there is an animal in need of foster who is a good match for you.
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What Type of Animals Are You Interested in Fostering?
Dogs Undergoing Demodex Treatment:
These dogs will need to be brought in every two weeks for treatment. Demodex is a congenital skin disease that is caused by stressful environments (like the shelter) and is not contagious to humans or other pets.
Dogs Undergoing Demodex Treatment?
Dogs Undergoing Heartworm Treatment:
These dogs need to be kept in a calm environment with minimal exertion for up to one month and dropped off at ACHS by appointment for treatment. Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes and are not contagious to humans or other pets.
Dogs Undergoing Heartworm Treatment?
Quarantine Release Holds:
These animals are from unknown medical backgrounds and will need to be held for seven days away from ACHS while we evaluate their health. ACHS will vaccinate against the most common diseases, but they still have the potential to become sick and should have limited contact with other animals of the same species.
Quarantine Release Holds?
Animals Needing Socialization:
These dogs and cats will need your love and attention to help with issues such as overcoming shyness, expending extra energy, and learning better manners.
Animals Needing Socialization?
Underage Animals:
These puppies and kittens will need to be brought in approximately every two weeks for check-up appointments, booster vaccinations, deworming, etc. Underage bottle-fed animals often require feeding every 2-4 hours, stimulation to urinate or defecate, and more.
Underage Animals?
Litters of Underage Animals?
Bottle-fed Underage Animals?
Do you have prior experience with fostering bottle babies including around-the-clock feedings and stimulation?
Medical Treatment:
These animals may require basic medical treatment (such as daily oral medications, medicated baths, etc) or more advanced medical treatments (such as subcutaneous fluids, eye medications, etc).
Medical Treatment?
Post-operative Care:
These animals have undergone medical procedures or surgery and will require care such as orthopedic-related passive/active range of motion, changing dressings, etc.
Post-operative Care?
Please list all animals that are currently living in your household:
Animal Name, Cat/Dog, Male/Female, Age, Spay/Neuter?, Current on Vaccines?, Length of Ownership?
Please list all animals that are currently living in your household:
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I verify that all of the above information is true and correct. I understand that if any information provided by me is false or inaccurate, I will not be eligible to foster for ACHS now or at any time in the future. I also permit ACHS to use any photograph(s) taken of me with the pet I foster in their newsletter, brochure, website, or other media.

I understand that my foster animals is the property of ACHS and decisions about its medical care are to be made by ACHS staff. I agree to follow instructions given to me by ACHS staff regarding the care of my foster pet and to bring my foster pet in for treatment per the schedule designed by ACHS.

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