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Take your time and choose 5 sessions that look interesting to you! Effort will be made to sort everyone into their top choices wherever possible.
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All the World's a Stage -In this session, we will enhance our communication skills, practice interview techniques and empower oursleves to create positive change in the world using drama/theatre techniques.
Pickle Ball: Each student will be able to compete in a couple of games of pickle ball.
The Harry Potter series has language that is filled Latin roots, suffixes, and prefixes. Come learn some roots and truly understand the meaning of many of Rowling's spells and language!
Sports Science - Cheerleading! Students will compute the force required to execute elite level stunts, investigate comparitive scoring at the top level, and analyze video footage in an effort to better understand the physics and math behind what these athletes do.
Learn how to create a wireframe for your app or website idea without any software. Please bring a pencil and a sketchbook/printing paper.
Music in Film! We'll discuss classic film scores and their importance to movie history.
Mythbusters: We WIll investigate some common myths using a few scientific experiments to determine if they are fact or fiction.
Learn more about childhood diseases and birth defects. We will be discussing things like Hydrocephalus, Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida
Citizens Rights! Examining the Bill of Rights in relation to law, and discussing the implications our rights have on our daily lives.
History in Hollywood: Learn the facts behind some of your favorite Hollywood movies.
German traditions, culture and customs will be explained and discussed in this session. We will also look at the German people's lifestyle and seeing the differences and similarities between them and the lifestyle of the U.S.
It's basketball season! Come to the NEW GYM for a basketball-based fitness circuit. We will improve your cardiovascular endurance while giving you a chance to improve that jump shot! Participants need gym shoes and appropriate clothing for physical activity.
Learning the ins and outs of a studio with developing music, lighting, and editing effects.
Jazz Dance- a viewing of 4 of the greatest jazz dance performances.
Playing the Stock Market: Students will learn the basics of investing in stocks, and will then use that knowledge to compete in a multi-week stock market trading contest with their classmates. There will be prizes for the top three stock traders!
Messing around with Photoshop!
Decisive Battles of the Ancient World...view dramatic reenactments and analysis of the battles that shaped history
If you want to do well in sales competitions then take Ms. Howard's EOT class!
Philosophy: If you are a deep thinker who wants to discover the great philosophers of our time and discuss intellectual concepts, come to B10! We will have debates, seminars and learn about popular philosphers and theories.
Learn about some of the greatest things ever built in the world and how it has impacted how we build today.
$$FREE MONEY$$ for top-place projects at the STEM Expo! Come to this enrichment to learn about the STEM Expo and to begin working on project that can win you $$FREE MONEY$$
Best Buddies Social Hour: Come play games, socialize, do puzzles, and make friends with our special needs students!
Secret lives of U.S presidents
Do you play any Spanish games? Loteria, el trompo? Come join us as we learn about them and play them.
The instructors will facilitate a course where students have the opportunity to examine adversity, set specific goals, and learn how to attain those goals through various activities and class building exercises.
CSI Investigations. Was King Tut Murdered? Were the Salem Witches really Witches? Who really assassinated Julius Caesar? Did William Shakespeare even exist? Come find out in C8!
Learn how to create specimen kill jars to collect your own specimens for preservation. This session will also include the various ways to preserve specimens. Not for the squeamish!
Students will be able to participate in a couple games of Bump-out
Hamilton the Musical! Come learn about and listen to the smash hit hip-hop musical. Learn about the history behind all the wonderful songs in Hamilton!
Expository Text Analysis: Serial Killers and Mass Murderers. If you are interested in learning more about the composition of the psyche of a killer, come learn about it. We will explore the minds, triggers, and events that create a killer. This will be explored through the analysis of expository text and character profiles. We will improve your reading and comprehension of advanced expository texts and drawing connections between cause and effect.
The Art of War - The session will introduce who Sun Tzu was and how his philosophy of war is used on the sports field, the business, world, life, and academic success.
Black Out Poetry: Black out selected words on pages from books and magazines to create a poem with the remaining words. You'll have a new poem each session!
Advanced Techniques in Sports Medicine. Going more indepth on techniques used in sports medicine.
Wings Mural! - Be a part of a group of artists that will organize, assemble, and hang a campus-wide interactive mural!
Computer programming! Come learn the basics of loops and functions using online programming lessons. No experience necessary.
Ballet Folklórico - Explore traditional Mexican dance from various regions of México. In this session we will learn about Ballet Folklórico´s roots and we will also learn some dances from the region of Chihuahua
Nutrition for the Athlete. Learn what and how to eat, to improve your athletic performance
Spanish Tutoring: Bring your notes and any questions to get some additional support.
History of Theatre in the 1950's
Need help in World History? Join us as we examine various points in World History and aid in your understanding of it. Aslo we will be looking at some important moments in Track and Field History.
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