/r/Snowboarding Moderation Feedback Survey

Recently, the /r/snowboarding implemented some simple rules for posts/submissions, primarily centered around what has been perceived as "low-value" content such as memes, check-ins, and boards laying on your couch in the off-season. The Mod post summarizing these changes can be found here: http://www.reddit.com/r/snowboarding/comments/1aagjn/shreddit_content_guidelines_beta/ Please complete this brief survey about the recent moderation rules changes at /r/snowboarding.
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Very Dissatisfied Very Satisfied

I would like to see more user edits/videos on r/snowboarding
I think memes should be allowed on /r/snowboarding
I think "check-in" posts are a great way for shredditors to share their stoke
I would like to see more gear reviews on /r/snowboarding
I would like to see more spot-checks and trip reports on /r/snowboarding
Some rules, guidelines and moderation is necessary to make /r/snowboarding a better community

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