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In the Agent Jill Team, our mission is to serve our community, not only as Realtors but as Educators in Real Estate. That is why we are excited to help you get the information you need to make an effective Property Tax Protest. Facts equal $ in Tax Protest Land and we want you to enter your protest with the confidence born from specific facts about your home, your neighborhood and the current protest processes. That is why we have decided to volunteer a little time to help you get this information. While you may not yet be buying or selling your home - we are happy to invite you to discover the Agent Jill community difference.

In order to get the most accurate market price analysis for your home, the number one tool you'll need is a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis. A CMA shows your home's "vitals" alongside those of homes that sold in your neighborhood in the last year, and specifically for protest during the appraisal time period. We are happy to assist you with this - but we need a few pertinent details first!

If you have your tax appraisal handy, it will have a lot of this information on there for you. If you don't have that document, then you should be able to look up the information on your county's website.

Travis County -
Williamson County -

We always do our best to get your market price analysis CMA prepped and ready to go as quickly as possible. However, appraisal protest season is an active time for our community focused real estate team so please allow 7 -10 days to receive this.

Thank you and we look forward to serving our communities and neighbors by providing the best information, facts, and knowledge so that you can make healthy real estate decisions!
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