AFAC July Trip 2017
Waimakariri Stream Sunday July 23rd 2017
The Waimakariri Stream offers exciting fishing for all levels
Only an 2 hours from Auckland but still a place to fish so it is first in first served but we will keep a
reserve list. Ideal nymph and dry fly water. This stream is one of a few that are open all year and can be fished with your winter licence
The Waimakariri is a large spring fed stream wiich flows north from the Kaimai Ranges to meet the Waihou River just south of the Okoroire Falls. This river is renowned for its high catch rate of smallish trout, however, larger trout are present especially in the upper reaches. Probably one of the best dry fly streams in the region. Access is off the Tirau/Rotorua highway and Waimakariri Road.
This is a one day event, you can make your own way down there. Best for you to sign in to receive the latest updates.
Our Guide Sam Bourne John Rumpf
Winter fishing on the spring creeks can be hard if its cold, the fishing can come on around 10-11am, or simply be patchy all day. It generally improved when the suns out a higher in the sky.
Fish may be down deeper due to increased winter flows. While the stream might look nice and clear (and typical) don't be fooled. SO go heavy, go deep if you're not catching on your typical rig.
Similarly due to the flows some fish could be holding up just on the edges, so fish your feet and sight fish to these - wade carefully
Typical hot spots - drop offs, sandy edges, edges of weed (in stream), white rocks on the bottom etc
Please register your interest as soon as possible by completing the form below.

A good selection of flys from Sam Bourne
Attached are some patterns which work on the Waihou & Waimakariri

left to right, top to bottom - see pic attached

1. Mayfly dry (Sam Bourne)
2. Indicator dry (Aaron West)
3. CDC caddis dry (Czech fly)

4. Black wee wet (Nigel Juby)
5. Hot orange and partridge (Steve Brown)
6. Silver wee wet (Nigel Juby)
7. Copper wee wet, copper bead (commercial pattern)

8. Brown caddis (Sam Bourne)
9. Threaded nymph (Czech fly)
10. X-factor (Yoshi)
11. French nymph (Czeck fly)
12. Hot collar Hare and Copper (Sam Bourne)

13. Waihou special (John Pellew, Aaron West)
14. Minky dink (Sam Bourne)
15. Frenchie/ Peasant Tail with a hot collar
16. Des nymph (Des Armstrong)
17. Tricolor Caddis (Des Armstrong)

Choose your weapons please
Waimakariri Stream Access
More information on Waimakariri River levels
This river will remain clear the longest of the Spring Creeks. but it is worhwhile keeping an eye on the river levels.
this is for the Waihou but it will be similar. Best if the river levels are falling. Keep in touch if in doubt.
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