#So you think you can balance? - PE
So this idea came about when two Americans and one Englishman had an idea! How cool would it be to have an international competition, and first of all a dance off was mentioned. But that had been done. So what else could we do?

I had just finished a balance unit and thought why couldn't we have a Balance competition? After using Jarrod Robinson (@MRROBBO) app 'Balance It' App (http://goo.gl/VvaExd) to practice different balances, which we all highly reccommend, we wanted to show some globisation, with people all over the world BALANCING! "How cool would it be if someone who is over 10,000 km away attempting a balance that I had submitted?"

We would like to have a collection of balances for everyone to have a go at, individual, partner, group, and add them to this resource. Students can either do this using smart devices, or complete as a task.

So if you would like a balance added please post to twitter using the #soyouthinkyoucanbalance

Please let us know who completed the balance, to give them some credit, and you have the media release from your school/district.

Would like to thank:
Students at:

Dover Elementary School
Springfield Elementary School

for providing the original balances.

Happy Balancing

Original Wordpress blog: http://goo.gl/vSswhQ

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