GM Service - Regulations
Welcome to our GM Service Form!

You can wish for any previously (before the GM Service was redeemed) released item if you received the placeholder item (S-Symbol) after choosing the GM Service.

You can also wish for the released item to be sent to another account.

What is a released item?

A released item is an item that has already been available in-game or in the Cash Shop (Mystery Boxes, Paragon Tables, direct sales or a Loyalty Program).

Not eligible:

- Bahamut Dragon of Doom, Mithroth, the Arcane, Obsius Thunderborn, Draca, the Eternal Flame
- Items available in the Dressing Room are not eligible if they don't meet the released criteria.
- Currencies (Vouchers, Ruby Coins, Loyalty Points, Gold, etc.)
- Items released after the start of the Loyalty Program from which the GM Wish was redeemed.
- Enchanted items

You didn't receive the item within 48 hours after sending the form?

- The item you wished for may not be eligible. Please recheck.
- On weekends it is possible that the dispatch of items is delayed.
- Please reenter the form. Do not open a ticket, as this may delay the dispatch

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the regulations above.
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