Bug Report for players
Before filling out this form, please carefully read all the instructions below.

1. Please, only report bugs. If it isn't a bug, this form is not for you.

*** A bug is when an existing feature of the game experiences problems: works incorrectly or doesn't work at all. No more, no less. ***

>>> The ONLY exception that we accept are exploits (using bugs/game mechanics to avoid/break other game mechanics, to create results that wouldn't be "legally" possible) <<<

2. Unfortunately, we can only accept reports made in English.

3. Each bug report *needs* either a video or a screenshot, showing the issue at hand.

4. Please, don't confuse bugs with missing features (and this is not the form for requesting new features).

5. If you *do* decide that you urgently need to send anything else than a bug report, be sure that we will read it, and then move on. This is a form for bugs *only*, other issues need to be reported to us using other channels. You have been warned!

6. If we decide that something isn't a bug report, see point 5.

7. We know it's cumbersome, but please, only submit one bug at a time.

8. Please, don't submit the same bug several times. One's enough, and we'll just end up deleting the other entry. We obviously can't prevent several people from submitting the same bug, but we have solutions for this. One bug reported once by one person is more than enough.

9. Even though we want to fix as much as we can, we can't guarantee that we'll fix all reported bugs.

10. Please, don't send fake bug reports. It's really uncool. Really.

11. Also, class imbalance isn't a bug. We know about it, and you really don't need to submit reports about it.

Thanks in advance for helping us provide a better player experience in Shaiya!

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