SoftChalk Cloud Request Form
As a service, AEA Learning Online provides limited free licenses to Iowa schools for SoftChalk Cloud. Access to these licenses is limited and requires the individual to agree to the following:

• Access information for the account is provided to AEA Learning Online (email/username and password) in case the account needs to be reclaimed by AEA Learning Online
• Any subsequent changes to the information (email/username and password) are communicated to
• Content created with the account is shared with Iowa teachers ("public" sharing). Note: Any content that contains privately licensed information or student information will not be shared "as is", but AEA Learning Online would reserve the right to make a copy of the content

AEA Learning Online reserves the right to reclaim access to the account if any of these happen:
• A copyright violation has been committed by an account (AEA Learning Online will remove the violated content if the user does not immediately do so)
• The account information (email/username and password) has changed without notification to AEA Learning Online. Note: We will ask SoftChalk to reset this information to our account's default.
• An account is inactive; content has not been built or used within 12 months
• The holder of the account is no longer an Iowa school district employee or an AEA Learning Online partner

We have offered the statewide license since 2012. AEA Learning Online cannot guarantee future continuance of licenses in the event of a license change or sharp increase in price with SoftChalk. While it is our intent to continue to offer this in the foreseeable future (as we have internally dedicated much of our own content with SoftChalk Cloud as well), keep in mind the possibility the licenses may go away. In the case the state license is not renewed, we will notify each license holder. Your content would not be lost; you simply wouldn't have the ability to edit the content. To stress, we don't foresee this happening, but we want to make sure our teachers are aware of the possibility.

To complete this form, you will need to either 1) have signed up for the trial version of SoftChalk Cloud first, found at, or 2) submit the info below and we will create it for you. Once you complete the form, we will activate your account and email you to notify you are ready to begin using Soft Chalk Cloud.

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SoftChalk Username *
Note: If you have already created a trial account, make sure that you have the correct username here. If you have not, we will attempt to create use the username you submit when creating your account, but if it is taken, we might have to modify it.
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SoftChalk Password
Password must be between 8 and 20 characters, including 1 upper case, 1 lower case, 1 number, and 1 special character. If the password is not provided in this secure online form, you will need to email it separately to before the license key will be provided. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot give out the license key until we have verified your password works. Please double check that you have the right username and password listed here, and that you are able to log in to with them.
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